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Profacgen Provides Tandem Affinity Purification Service for Protein Interaction Research

Profacgen, a state-of-the-art protein service provider located in USA, that provides a comprehensive list of protein interaction services for the science community, now provides quality Tandem Affinity Purification service based on a two-step purification system, which significantly reduces the binding rate of non-specific proteins, while the complex is relatively stable and the results are accurate and reliable.


The study of protein interactions is an important means to interpret gene functions. The high-resolution mass spectrometry technology developed in recent years provides a powerful tool for the identification of protein complexes. Therefore, the limiting factor for determining protein interactions is not protein identification. It is the purification of protein complexes. Traditional purification methods (such as affinity chromatography or co-immunoprecipitation) are difficult to obtain protein complexes close to the natural state, and the experimental results may have false positives.


Tandem affinity purification (TAP) is a technology that can quickly study protein interactions in the body. After two-step specific affinity purification, proteins that actually interact with target proteins under physiological conditions can be quickly obtained. The TAP method was first used in yeast. It has been rapidly developed due to its versatility, high efficiency, high purity and low false positives. It has been successfully applied to the study of interactions among many other organisms (mammals, plants, etc.).


Profacgen provides the following services:


  • Construction of bait protein eukaryotic expression vector or lentiviral vector fused with Flag-HA
  • Transient vector transfection of target cells or packaged lentivirus infection of target cells
  • TAP purifies the interacting protein and reduces the number of non-specific binding proteins. We provide including but not limited to protein molecular weight and isoelectric point determination, protein subunit analysis, specific protein detection, etc.
  • The interacting proteins were identified by mass spectrometry and proteomics was analyzed on a large scale.



Profacgen has an experienced team that provides a variety of TAP/MS services. If you feel interested and want to know more, please visit

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Last Updated: 30-Jul-2021