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Cambridge-based Startup CodiKoat Develops World’s Fastest COVID-19-Killing Antiviral Surface Protection

Cambridge-based Startup CodiKoat Develops World’s Fastest COVID-19-Killing Antiviral Surface Protection


Joshua Peacock

CodiKoat Ltd.

CodiKoat Develops World’s Fastest COVID-19-Killing Antiviral Protection

[Cambridge, United Kingdom] - CodiKoat are pleased to announce that our antiviral surface coating technology has achieved ISO 21702:2019 certification, confirming its efficacy in the eradication of the coronavirus and making it the fastest antiviral coronavirus protection of its type in the world.

Our GoVirol acetate-film coating was proven to kill 90% of human coronavirus particles within 2 seconds of contact time and was over 99% effective within just 10 seconds.

The products underwent stringent testing at an independent laboratory at University College London’s internationally-renowned Virology Research Services, validating its efficacy against human coronavirus. The coating also offers similarly powerful protection against all other harmful microbes, bacteria and fungi.

CodiKoat’s state-of-the-art solution blends electrochemistry and nanotechnology to inactivate viruses and harmful particles within seconds of contact. This development is a significant improvement to traditional technologies, including silver- based protection, which take hours to display a noticeable antimicrobial action or effect.

The applications for this potentially lifesaving technology are endless. The coating can be applied to any surface or material, whether it’s hard or soft, rough or smooth. This application can take place retrospectively using products such as the GoVirol coating, or can be tuned at an atomic scale and integrated into product manufacturing.

The nature of the nanostructures used in CodiKoat technology leads to high durability, meaning the protection lasts for the whole product lifetime. Existing silver-based technologies, including the antimicrobial coatings that are now common at UK supermarkets, typically last just 30-60 days before intervention is needed.

By creating a protective coating that is hyper durable, we are able to offer a significantly longer period of protection than other leading antiviral surface coating solutions.

The technology will have the most impact when deployed on surfaces that experience high levels of contact, in areas with significant footfall. Uses could vary from healthcare, retail, hospitality, mobile devices and more. Successful pilot schemes are already underway with partners including London’s Royal Opera House and office buildings managed by Savills.

On the achievement, our Co-founder Dr. Reza Saberi Moghaddam said, “It’s fantastic to achieve our ISO certification. To our knowledge, and based on the feedback from the independent lab, nothing like this has ever been seen before. Now we continue our effort towards bringing this game-changing technology to the world and will continue working to refine it, pushing the limits to what’s possible”.

Alongside the GoVirol coating, we are continuing to develop a range of antiviral solutions that will help protect from harmful bacteria and viruses in years to come. Testing continues on an antiviral face mask that will aim to become the world’s first semi-disposable surgical face mask. We are also continuing to develop CodiVent, an air filtration system that destroys harmful air pollutants, as well as airborne viruses and bacteria that are captured in the filter.

About the ISO 21702:2019 Certification

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is a network of the world's leading standardisers. Through its members, the ISO brings together experts from all over the world to develop International Standards.

ISO 21702:2019 is an internationally recognised standard for the measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

About CodiKoat

CodiKoat are an independent organisation developing antiviral surface protection. Born in response to the coronavirus pandemic, CodiKoat have developed a team of industry-leading scientific and business minds to help bring potentially lifesaving technology to the world.

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