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Clarify Health Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for the Most Innovative Real-World Evidence (RWE) Solution in Life Sciences Industry

Clarify receives 2021 New Product Innovation Award for its ability to deliver on-demand precision insights, exceptional customer experience, and greater return on investment

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Clarify Health, a leading cloud analytics company delivering real-world insights to healthcare and life sciences organizations, announced today that Frost & Sullivan has awarded its life sciences real-world evidence (RWE) solutions the 2021 New Product Innovation Award. After a rigorous evaluation, Frost & Sullivan selected Clarify as the sole Excellence in Best Practices award recipient among life sciences RWE IT solutions.

“Clarify’s RWE cloud platform is modernizing how life sciences organizations realize precision insights,” said Pavel Zhebrouski, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Their customers work faster—testing hypotheses instantly and receiving insights with machine learning precision in seconds. The company is in a prime position to lead RWE IT solutions in life sciences.”

With RWE software products, Clarify Growth and Clarify Portfolio, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gain an unprecedented ability to explore and understand how medical care and social and behavioral determinants of health (SDoH) interconnect to influence each patient’s journey. The products are the fastest way to interrogate 300M+ unique patient journeys and 18 billion AI-powered predictions to precisely pinpoint the needs of any patient cohort and surface the most impactful real-world opportunities to improve outcomes. They have applications in commercialization, corporate development, and clinical development.

“Pharma and biotech companies turn to Clarify for on-demand, self-service access to precision mapping of patient journeys with real-world evidence,” said Jean Drouin, CEO, Clarify Health. “Our customers want actionable patient, provider, and market insights. Clarify’s platform transforms massive healthcare data sets into insights in seconds. In a world where equity and outcomes matter, we also layer in over 400 SDoH factors at the individual level, delivering clinical and socio-behavioral findings to improve care and access to therapies. Our technology brings the big-data capabilities that are commonplace in the banking and consumer industries to life sciences and unlocks patient journey insights with greater speed, precision, and scale than ever before.”

The Frost & Sullivan 2021 Real-World Evidence IT Solutions report outlines how Clarify differentiates against other analytics vendors.

  • Its platform has ten patents covering how it automates the ingesting, cleaning, and enriching of patient-level data, allowing it to turn traditionally unusable healthcare data into patient journey insights.
  • Its software products deliver insights that draw upon an expanded and extensive set of individual-level, de-identified SDoH factors such as race, income, transportation access, housing stability, education level, health literacy, and propensity to exercise, which are linked together with government and commercial claims, clinical, and prescription and dispensing data.
  • It has demonstrated return on investment (ROI). Notably, it helped brand teams identify 60% more patients with a rare heart disease; 33% more high-value HCPs for an oncology drug; and 7,000 priority patients with a high risk of non-adherence for a hematology brand by leveraging social determinants of health insights.
  • The company’s customer success team is exceptional and maximizes the ROI for each customer. As a result of outstanding performance across life sciences customers, Clarify exceeded the SaaS industry benchmark achieving 56.3 net promoter score in its most recent semi-annual survey.

Pavel Zhebrouski, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, commented further: “As the industry gradually moves toward real-time analytics, developing capabilities to manage and analyze unstructured patient data and integrate it with the larger patient dataset is crucial for unlocking R&D productivity and commercial success. Remarkably, the Clarify platform delivers precise RWE on-demand through cutting-edge cloud software applications. Frost & Sullivan lauds Clarify for its analytics differentiation from today’s status quo. Frost & Sullivan is proud to present Clarify Health with this year’s Best Practices New Product Innovation Award in real-world evidence information technology (IT) solutions in the life sciences industry.”

Access the full Frost & Sullivan report on Real-world Evidence IT Solutions in Life Sciences here.

About Clarify Health

Clarify Health is a technology company whose enterprise analytics cloud transforms healthcare data into actionable insights for providers, health plans, and life sciences companies. Its insights platform powers highly automated business applications that enable customers to drive growth, optimize networks, improve care delivery, manage population health, maximize value-based care performance, and commercialize pharmaceutical and biotechnology products – all of which depend on a superior understanding and trending of individual patient journeys and cohorts. With intuitive, on-demand interrogation of over 300 million longitudinal patient journeys, Clarify enables healthcare organizations to leapfrog from traditionally cumbersome and manual analytics to self-service and rapid generation of insights that result in better health and outcomes. Learn more at

About Clarify Growth

Clarify Growth is a cloud-based real-world evidence software used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology commercial teams to boost brand performance at launch and beyond. It offers instant access to precision insights on patient cohorts, health care providers, and market intelligence, and it comes loaded with bells and whistles like SDoH-decorated patient journeys, configurable HCP scores, and CRM integration.

About Clarify Portfolio

Clarify Portfolio is a cloud-based real-world evidence software used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology business development teams to quickly and precisely value potential partnership deals and explore new market opportunities. It is a self-service, on-demand product that delivers insights into any market, therapeutic area, indication, and patient cohort in seconds.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is the Growth Pipeline Company™. We power our clients to a future shaped by growth. Our Growth Pipeline as a Service™ provides the CEO and the CEO's growth team with a continuous and rigorous platform of growth opportunities, ensuring long-term success. To achieve positive outcomes, our team leverages over 60 years of experience, coaching organizations of all types and sizes across 6 continents with our proven best practices. To power your Growth Pipeline future, visit Frost & Sullivan at


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