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AixSwiss B.V. - New Medical Skin Care for nupure probaderm

AixSwiss B.V. - New Medical Skin Care for nupure probaderm

Intensive Cooperation with BELANO medical

Kerkrade / Berlin, 24 August 2021 – The Biotechnology pioneer BELANO medical AG is expanding international distribution for its probiotic and microbiotic active ingredients and products. It took the first step this week by intensifying its existing cooperation with the Dutch company AixSwiss, which brought to market "probaderm", a medical skin care product that resulted from research and development by BELANO medical.

The medical skin care product is based on an active ingredient obtained from natural lactic acid bacteria and stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria on the skin. This strengthens the body's own skin barrier and natural defences, preventing skin conditions. BELANO medical developed the active ingredient following extensive research and has proven its effectiveness in numerous studies. Probaderm is suitable for adults and children above the age of 3 years, and is also recommended as complementary care for neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.

AixSwiss was founded in 2015 and soon went on to develop the now established nupure brand. Its brand portfolio consists of a wide range of probiotic food supplements, and also includes skin care products since linking up with BELANO medical. The application focus so far is on the microbiome in the mouth and intestines, as well as on the skin. An international team develops all products on the basis of naturally occurring active ingredients, according to the latest scientific standards. AixSwiss is headquartered in Kerkrade, in the Netherlands, and markets its products through online shops and online pharmacies.

BELANO medical has already developed several bio-based medical products and brought them to market. Besides various medical skin care products, these also include salvans® throat pastilles against bacterial sore throats and colds, and ventrisana® medical chewing gum for periodontal disease and gingivitis. In addition to marketing its products in its own web shop and in drugstores and pharmacies, the company has also been increasing cooperation with domestic and international product manufacturers and distributors since 2020.

About BELANO medical AG:
BELANO medical AG is a biotechnology company which leverages the findings of its research into beneficial microorganisms for pharmaceutical and care products. The company develops and launches novel approaches to medical skin care, disease prevention, and the support of healing processes with the aim of creating new therapeutic options for diseases and indications which currently cannot be treated satisfactorily. BELANO’s mission is to make its patented agents and products available to everyone. To do so, the company relies on national and international collaborations with distributors and larger partners such as Henkel AG or the Müller chain of retail stores.

For further Information:
BELANO medical AG
Neuendorfstraße 19
D-16761 Hennigsdorf (Berlin), Germany
Phone: +49 (0)3302 86 37 995

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