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Yposkesi joins BioPhorum – global cell and gene therapy consortium

Corbeil-Essonnes (near Paris), France, August 24, 2021 – Yposkesi, a best-in-class Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for companies developing cell and gene therapies, today announces its membership of BioPhorum, Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Phorum. BioPhorum is a global consortium that brings together biopharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to discuss and work collaboratively on issues and challenges of mutual interest in the industry.


As biologics derive from living organisms, their manufacture is highly complex. Key challenges facing biopharmaceutical manufacturers include ensuring production efficiency, whilst operating within a rapidly evolving regulatory environment, as well as responding to market pressures for commercializing cell and gene therapies within shorter timeframes.


“Given the burgeoning state of bioprocessing for cell and gene therapies, many companies, including Yposkesi, are confronting the same issues. Yet we are working on them in isolation. It makes more sense to work together to solve these problems in a more time-efficient and consistent way,” remarked Brian Mullan, head of innovation, analytical and process development at Yposkesi. “BioPhorum has a well-established reputation as a collaborative, proactive and productive forum to develop solutions to common problems in the bioprocessing sector. As a new member, we look forward to engaging in collaborations to achieve this objective.”


CGT Phorum membership covers access to, and participation in, various workstreams and teams focused on different thematics important to the industry (e.g. process validation, analytics, regulatory).


Besides its expertise in developing Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) and Lentiviral Vector (LV) manufacturing platforms, Yposkesi will bring to BioPhorum its experience in applying these to a wide range of projects for its global clients. Yposkesi will also be able to offer extensive expertise in CGT technical development and manufacturing.


“BioPhorum is delighted to welcome Yposkesi as a member of the Cell & Gene Therapy Phorum,” said Louis Bennett, CGT Phorum lead. “We look forward to collaborating with its experts on the key CGT industry priorities. The expertise in AAV and Lentiviral methodologies that Yposkesi brings will enhance the discussions across the member companies and support development of innovative approaches to support the industry.”


About BioPhorum

BioPhorum is a unique global collaboration creating an environment in which the international biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate their rates of progress, for the benefit of all. We do this by bringing leaders together, mobilizing communities of top experts, creating partnerships and replacing isolation with collaboration.


About Yposkesi

Yposkesi is a best-in-class Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for companies developing cell and gene therapies. Yposkesi offers end-to-end high quality and on-time viral vector CDMO services from clinical Phase I/II through to commercial manufacturing. As of March 2021, Yposkesi welcomed SK Pharmteco, a global CDMO player, as its main shareholder. Yposkesi’s current 50,000ft2 (approx. 5,000m2) facility operates multiple manufacturing suites for bulk drug substance (up to 1000L) and Fill & Finish. By 2023, Yposkesi will increase its global footprint to 100,000ft2 (approx. 10,000m2) with a second large-scale facility designed for EMA and FDA compliance. Yposkesi employs 185 staff and is located on the Genopole Innovation Campus in Corbeil-Essonnes (South of Paris), France.

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Last Updated: 24-Aug-2021