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Have your antibodies checked before receiving a third vaccine dose

A third vaccination dose against coronavirus could prove useful, according to several vaccine manufacturers. One of the main reasons for this is the highly contagious Delta variant. But is a booster vaccine really necessary for everyone? The medtech company nal von minden GmbH, based in Moers, recommends those affected to carry out an antibody test first. This provides clarity regarding your immune status.

In Israel, some people are already receiving their third vaccine dose. In Germany, too, it is said that a booster vaccination could be necessary, as the immunising effect wears off over time. This is especially the case for older people who were fully vaccinated quite some time ago.

Roland Meißner, CEO at nal von minden GmbH, urges that those affected should first clarify their immune status: “In each case, an individual must first check whether a third coronavirus vaccination is actually necessary. Perhaps they already have enough antibodies in their blood, meaning they are already sufficiently protected and a third dose might not be needed.” Whether the Standing Committee on Vaccinations (German: STIKO) will recommend them in the future remains to be seen.

Checking your vaccination status is not complicated. Quite the opposite, in fact. Whether the two previous coronavirus vaccinations have ‘worked’ in individual cases can be assessed very quickly: The NADAL COVID-19 S1-Nab Test detects antibodies within just 10 minutes.

Meißner explains: “Following the first – and sometimes the second – coronavirus vaccine, antibodies are produced in the blood. These antibodies ensure that if the individual comes into contact with coronaviruses, these viruses will be immediately recognised and quickly repelled. It is these antibodies that can be detected using our rapid test.”

A tiny prick of the finger – half the size of that needed for monitoring blood sugar – is enough. The drop of blood is then added to the test cassette provided. Results are available within 10 minutes. “It is certainly preferable to the potential side effects that could follow a third vaccination,” says Meißner.

The antibody rapid test has already been examined within studies. Meißner says: “With our antibody tests, a vaccination response to all major vaccines can be determined.”

What you need to know: Anyone who is interested can have a NADAL COVD-19 S1-Nab antibody test carried at their GP practice at a cost of approximately 20 euros.

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2021