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International Health Partners joins with Orion Pharma

International Health Partners joins with Orion Pharma

LONDON, UK – International Health Partners (IHP) is excited to announce a new partnership with Orion, the globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company that specialises in areas including neurological disorders, oncology and respiratory diseases.

The partnership will see Orion donate a range of essential medicines including antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. An initial shipment of 10,000 units of antibiotics will be sent to the Central African Republic, followed by a shipment of almost 40,000 units of essential medication to Haiti.

Working closely with NGOs in-country, IHP is able to facilitate and respond to the specific medical needs of the most vulnerable communities who would otherwise have limited or no access to this kind of medicine.

Adele Paterson, CEO of International Health Partners, said: “We are so excited about this partnership with Orion. In Europe, we often take for granted the ease with which we can access the medicines we need. But for millions of people around the world, getting hold of even basic medication such as antibiotics or pain relief is unattainable. Through generous donations like this, we can ensure pharmacies and clinics in underserved communities around the world remain stocked, so that everyone can have access to good healthcare.”

Noora Paronen, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Orion, said: “We have been ensuring that patients get the needed medicines, especially in our domestic market for over a hundred years already. It is amazing that through this partnership we can provide medicines for those in need in vulnerable communities too. Without this partnership, many of these medicines, which although well within date, would be destroyed due to changes in demand. We’re delighted to have been able to find a good use for these Orion antibiotics and painkillers to help people in need.”

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2021