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Platforms Launches packaged end-to-end solution for NGS laboratories with Sentieon to accelerate adoption of NGS testing

Platforms Launches packaged end-to-end solution for NGS laboratories with Sentieon to accelerate adoption of NGS testing

BC|GENOME X-10 provides a complete solution for high quality, high throughput NGS laboratory operations

31 August 2021 - Zurich, Switzerland and San Jose, California - BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics and US-based Sentieon, ​a developer of highly optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications, today announced the launch of its new integrated next generation sequencing (NGS) genetic analytics software, known as BC|GENOME X-10. BC|GENOME X-10 has been developed specifically for commercial laboratories offering NGS data production-based clinical genetic testing following American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines or American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) guidelines. BC|GENOME X-10 provides a full end-to-end solution for commercial laboratories to run highly efficient and automated processes enabling high quality testing serving multiple end customers.  

Timo Kanninen, Chief Scientific Officer, BCP, stated: “This solution provides all the necessary tools for configurability in automation, NGS quality metric calculation and approval, extensive panel and variant filtering tools, automated classification of variants and end report layout design. It is a turn-key solution for commercial NGS laboratories with full regulatory compliance. Our solution is available as a complete ready to use deployment from Microsoft Azure providing customers a secure and scalable platform for operating data analysis workflows.”

Brendan Gallagher, Business Development Director in Sentieon, commented: "By utilizing Sentieon’s highly scalable and flexible analysis tools, we provide customers with a platform where they can deploy production ready assays quickly and confidently. This happens seamlessly using solutions' configuration capabilities. One is able to maintain full ownership of NGS secondary workflows with traceability and reproducibility, which is typically a key requirement in clinical laboratories.”

Nino da Silva, Deputy Managing Director, BCP, said: "We have seen very positive developments in the market. Both EU countries and the USA Federal government are taking measures at the national level to increase sequencing for COVID-19. This infrastructure will then be available for large predictive and preventive patient driven healthcare initiatives. It is important that countries and regional Healthcare systems use this momentum to establish their own NGS infrastructure to ensure a timely and precise local response with platforms like BC|GENOME X-10.”

First announced in 2018, BCP and Sentieon’s partnership has been focused on providing precision medicine solutions on a population scale. In addition to COVID-19-related applications, BC|GENOME X-10 end-to-end workflow can also be used for oncology testing with tumour samples as well as hereditary cancer screening, including smaller testing panels through to exome and whole genome sequencing. To promote access to this advanced analytics solution, BC|GENOME X-10’s cloud-based software has been specifically optimised for use by laboratories having limited internal IT and/or bioinformatics capabilities. It also offers default restful-based API for integration into other platforms (including LIMS, EMR or web portals).

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2021