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AlivaMab Discovery Services Announces Multi-Target Agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals

Agreement aims to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AlivaMab Discovery Services (“ADS”), a leader in the discovery of superior antibody therapeutics, announced a discovery agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals (“Teva”). ADS will generate diverse panels of fully human antibodies for multiple therapeutic programs identified by Teva.

The programs will leverage the ADS discovery platform, which includes a suite of different immunization technologies that address challenging targets such as G-protein-coupled-receptors and high homology targets. Together, deep sampling of the immune repertoire and function-first screening rapidly identify candidates that meet target product profiles, which then undergo early in silico and in vitro developability assessment. The entire process culminates in the delivery of panels of well-characterized, fully human antibody candidates and is enhanced by the expertise and decades of experience in antibody drug discovery and development of the ADS team. The ADS discovery platform provides economic advantages and substantial reduction in both timelines and risks associated with antibody therapeutic discovery and development by emphasizing speed to molecularly diverse, drug-quality leads rather than unreliable screening for antigen binders, which burdens the project with inefficient requirements for significant downstream resources and high levels of attrition before finding lead candidates.

“Our unique combination of technologies, expertise and collaboration is the catalyst that drives the success of our partners’ therapeutic antibody discovery endeavors,” said Justin Mika, CEO of AlivaMab Discovery Services. “By working with ADS, the Teva team can accelerate the advancement of new therapeutics for patients.”

About AlivaMab Discovery Services

AlivaMab Discovery Services sets its partners’ antibody discovery programs on the fastest and most de-risked path through discovery and development. Trusted by top-tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, ADS delivers drug-quality, fully human antibodies on exceptional timelines. ADS achieves its partners’ design goals, from simple to extraordinarily challenging, through the generation and function-first screening of large, molecularly diverse panels of antibodies. ADS focuses on rapid and efficient delivery of antibodies, thoroughly and quantitatively characterized for function, kinetics and developability, and engineering for alternative formats, including multi-specifics and CARs. The ADS team’s experience and passion for antibody drug discovery and development combined with the use of trusted, proven technologies ensure the highest probability of success for antibody discovery projects. For more information, please visit or email


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Last Updated: 14-Sep-2021