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Radicle Science and Open Book Extracts Announce New Alliance to Advance Consumer Trust and CBD Industry Validation

The alliance will accelerate development of tomorrow’s market-leading, scientifically validated CBD and cannabinoid products

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CBD--Radicle Science, a transformative healthtech B-corp validating natural products for the first time, and Open Book Extracts (OBX), a leading ingredient manufacturer and product developer of cannabinoid-enabled products, announce the launch of an alliance to advance the development of market-leading, scientifically validated CBD and cannabinoid products.

The new Radicle Science-OBX alliance fills an unmet need for rigorous scientific research in the cannabis industry and sets a new gold standard for CBD and minor cannabinoid product development. Brands looking to develop new custom products and formulations with CBD and other cannabinoids will now be able to leverage the collective scientific expertise, extensive industry knowledge, proprietary data analytics platform and clinical trial infrastructure of the alliance to develop insights on effects of specific formulations of cannabinoid products. Those insights will help bring products to market that are specifically formulated based on rigorous evidence to address need states like chronic pain, restful sleep, and general health and well-being.

“A lack of consumer trust, transparency and scientific rigor has hampered the CBD and cannabinoid industry from reaching its growth potential for far too long,” said Jeff Chen, MD, MBA, Co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science. “By uniting the strength of Open Book Extract’s quality innovation and custom product development with Radicle Science’s unbiased scientific rigor in natural products research, we can impact every stage of the product life cycle from ideation to validation. This alliance is just the first step in a larger movement to co-create a future where consumers have access to trusted cannabinoid products that fully deliver on their potential to help people live healthier, fuller lives.”

The alliance creates the infrastructure to deliver expert support and research-backed insights to guide every phase of the product development process from ideation and ingredient selection to formulation and consumer targeting.

The combined Radicle Science-OBX alliance experience will move through the following phases:

  • Step one: OBX partners with brands seeking to enter the market, devoting OBX resources to understand the brand vision, develop product concepts, conduct thorough market research and analyze costs.
  • Step two: OBX creates customized, sophisticated formulations to address the desired outcomes, exclusively sourcing high-quality ingredients, to deliver prototypes to test the formulation hypotheses.
  • Step three: Radicle Science conducts a rigorous randomized controlled trial of the various formulations to reveal differential effects of various ingredients, combinations of ingredients, dosages and delivery methods on various health-related need states.
  • Step four: Brands select packaging, labels and other physical concepts for the selected product in a fully customizable experience.
  • Step five: The OBX and Radicle Science validated product is sent to production.

Comprehensive health-related outcome data from study participants, that is inclusive of highly diverse demographics and behavioral habits, further enables brands to deliver targeted formulations to specific customer segments. The first study, launching this month, compares the impact of newly developed formulations with targeted ratios of pure minor cannabinoids on pain severity and other health outcomes, and includes one arm with the commercially available CBD brand Woven Earth, a full spectrum CBD product with consumer-reported indications of reduced pain and inflammation.

“Our new alliance brings the broader CBD community a unique, streamlined opportunity it has been demanding. While there are other partnerships focused on product development and consumer market research, this is the first collaboration of its kind to bring product development, consumer market research and scientific validation under one umbrella,” said Nicole Brown, Open Book Extract’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The OBX and Radicle Science shared values centered around quality, science, and rigor make this a natural alliance to launch a greater movement in the community.”

To learn more about the Radicle Science-OBX alliance, read The Movement Is On! Join Us in Advancing Cannabis Science to Elevate the Industry, by Pelin Thorogood, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Radicle Science, and Nicole Brown, Chief Innovation Officer of Open Book Extracts.

About Radicle Science

Radicle Science is a transformative healthtech B-corp offering the first ever path to natural product validation at scale. Radicle Science disrupts the traditional clinical trial model by combining the reach of a market research company, the scientific rigor of a research university, and the agility of a tech company. Operating at the intersection of big data, digital health, and natural products, Radicle Science leverages a proprietary data analytics platform and a virtual, direct-to-consumer (D2C) model to deliver objective health outcome data across diverse populations and conditions. Our Radicle Vision is a future where affordable, accessible, natural health products are trusted by patients, recommended by healthcare providers, reimbursed by insurance, and used as widely as pharmaceutical drugs. To learn more, please visit and follow their LinkedIn page.

About Open Book Extracts

Headquartered in Roxboro, N.C., Open Book Extracts is a cGMP-certified manufacturer of premium plant-based cannabinoid products, aiming to be the industry’s true north by delivering premium products, exceptional service, and industry-leading transparency. With control of the entire supply chain, a state-of-the-art extraction campus near North Carolina’s Research Triangle, proprietary refinement and conversion methods backed by a growing IP portfolio, and a team of PhD chemists and seasoned business leaders, OBX is the trusted partner for global brands seeking to enter the marketplace. OBX Asia, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, provides strategic guidance and on-the-ground support for our Asia customers. For more information, visit and follow their LinkedIn page.


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