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Medigene AG: Medigene's PD1-41BB switch receptor improves TCR-T cell functionality against solid tumors

Medigene AG: Medigene's PD1-41BB switch receptor improves TCR-T cell functionality against solid tumors

ePoster presentation at the ESMO Congress, 16-21 September 2021

Planegg/Martinsried (pta/16.09.2021/08:30) Medigene AG (Medigene, FSE: MDG1, Prime Standard), a clinical stage immuno-oncology company focusing on the development of T cell immunotherapies, presents compelling new pre-clinical data on the cellular functionality of its lead T cell receptor-modified T cell therapy (TCR-T) candidate containing the PRAME-specific T cell receptor (TCR) "TCR-4" combined with Medigene's PD1-41BB switch receptor.

In vitro and in vivo, the co-expression of the PD1-41BB switch receptor and TCR-4 on TCR-T cells led to an enhanced response to antigen. In vitro, co-expression enhanced TCR-T proliferation as well as tumor cell killing and increased the release of cytokine messengers, particularly of effector, stimulatory and chemo-attractive cytokines. In an in vivo model, expression of PD1-41BB together with TCR-4 showed the same effects as during the in vitro experiments and promoted tumor clearance substantially. Importantly, co-expression of TCR-4 and the PD1-41BB switch receptor did not impede the favorable preclinical safety profile.

The ePoster 1007P is entitled "T cells transgenic for a highly potent PRAME-specific TCR and a chimeric PD1-41BB co-stimulatory receptor represent a promising approach for the treatment of solid tumors." It will be presented as part of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress being held virtually on 16-21 September 2021. The poster can be found on Medigene's website:

Prof. Dolores Schendel, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at Medigene: "The PD1-41BB switch receptor clearly improves TCR-T performance. With PD1-41BB, TCR-4 T cells showed a higher percentage of poly-functional T cells than without. With the PD1-41BB switch receptor co-expressed, a higher proportion of single cells secreted 4-10 cytokines simultaneously. Furthermore, with PD1-41BB co-expression we saw a high number of effector and stimulatory cytokines, and raised levels of chemo-attractive cytokines, which help T cells to migrate towards their target tissue in the body. These data underline our decision to advance the development of the PD1-41BB switch receptor in tandem with TCR-4 in PRAME-positive solid tumors."

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Last Updated: 16-Sep-2021