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KEELE, 01 OCTOBER 2021: Théa pharmaceuticals TV advert will be hitting our screens once again this October and November, in preparation for the winter months ahead. 

The TV advert will reach ITV3, Alibi and Drama channels, targeting gritty drama fans, during the day and early evenings, with an aim to reach over 20 million people.

The twenty second advert focuses on the symptoms of Dry Eye such as dry, gritty, and soreness and encourages people to try Thealoz® Duo to hydrate and soothe their eyes.

The increase in screen use and wearing face masks has contributed to the Dry Eye pandemic, however it is well documented that Dry Eye is most likely to occur during the winter months. Lower humidity indoors, heating, high winds and even hair dryers all play a part in drying the eyes out.

Thealoz® Duo offers a unique combination of ingredients that are clinically proven to relieve Dry Eye symptoms. It helps hydrate and soothe the eyes, as well as being free from preservatives. It can also be used up to three months from opening.

Dry Eye can be frustrating and cause a lot of suffering for some people. The advert is designed to support Thea’s pharmacy and optometry customers to think about eye self-care as part of their routine and to keep their eyes feeling well. The earlier people act on their symptoms the better the outcome.

Thea’s aim is to bring the most advanced formulations in eye care and unique preservative free products to patients. For more information about Thea’s eye care range please visit:




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About Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease is caused by not having enough lubrication on the surface of the eye. Each time you blink a film of tears spreads over the eye, but for people with Dry Eye there’s not enough oily lubrication in the tears. The eye tries to compensate by producing more tears, but the sufferer is left with watery eyes that feel like they have hot grit under the eyelid.


About Théa Pharmaceuticals

Théa Pharmaceuticals was established in the UK in 2008. They offer a comprehensive product line that includes Dry Eye, lid hygiene, eye nutrition, allergy, anti-inflammatory, glaucoma, infection, surgery, and optometry. Due to the well-known issues caused by such ingredients in ophthalmology products, the company was among the first to introduce preservative-free eye drops. Théa also invented the first multi-dose bottle capable of dispensing preservative-free eye drops: the ABAK® bot­tle, a patented user friendly and calibrated dispenser.

Théa’s Dry Eye products are 100% preservative-free and include:

  • Thealoz® Duo Eye Drops: pop these into your eyes whenever you need a refresh throughout the day: (RRP £13.99.)
  • Thealoz® Duo Gel Eye Drops: long-lasting protection for just before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning: (RRP: £11.99.)
  • Blephaclean® wipes: gently formulated to help treat eyelid inflammation commonly associated with dry eye disease and blepharitis: (RRP: £8.99).

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