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Glenmark launches first-line intranasal spray for allergic rhinitis

Glenmark launches first-line intranasal spray for allergic rhinitis


Watford, England, October 5, 2021: A new intranasal spray from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals will enable GPs to prescribe an antihistamine/corticosteroid combination first-line for patients with allergic rhinitis.


Ryaltris is a fixed-dose combination of olopatadine (600mcg) and mometasone furoate (25mcg) indicated in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older for moderate to severe nasal symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. It is the first intranasal antihistamine/corticosteroid combination to be approved for first-line use in allergic rhinitis and as such will give GPs a new management option for suitable patients.


“This is a new development for the primary care management of allergic rhinitis,” said Martin Imms, General Manager of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals UK. “Many patients only present to their GP when they have failed to control their condition with antihistamine or intranasal steroid therapy from the pharmacy.


“But because the one available intranasal combination product was licensed for second-line use only, GPs were obliged to try monotherapy again before being able to prescribe it. 


“Ryaltris offers a more direct route to effective relief by offering GPs the option to prescribe an intranasal combination first-line.”


A 52-week study has demonstrated significant and clinically meaningful improvements in symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis were achieved by Ryaltris compared to placebo.2 It starts to have an effect in just 15 minutes and provides more effective relief of seasonal allergic rhinitis than either drug used as a monotherapy.1


“Allergic rhinitis can have a major impact on quality of life and sufferers want to get their symptoms under control so they can get on with life,” said Imms. “If they have already tried intranasal antihistamine or steroid from their pharmacy, their GP can now prescribe a more effective solution straightaway without having to try a monotherapy again.”


Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common presentations in UK pharmacies with around one in four adults suffering from the condition. As well as reducing quality of life, it results in substantial societal costs.3


Glenmark has become known for its bioequivalent (BE) brands in respiratory medicine. Ryaltris is the first product to be launched by the company as a result of its own R&D pipeline.


“Although Ryaltris is based on tried and trusted drugs, it is the first product to be developed entirely in-house by Glenmark. This intranasal antihistamine/steroid combination marks the first of a new line of development for the company which is working to create more innovative brands in the future.”



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