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Bionabu Launches Secure Collaboration Platform for Health and Life Sciences Professionals to Connect and Network

Bionabu Launches Secure Collaboration Platform for Health and Life Sciences Professionals to Connect and Network


Platform enables users to connect, collaborate, and seek meaningful answers

to innovate faster


London, England, (Oct. 6, 2021)  Bionabu™ is proud to announce the launch of a first of its kind, secure collaboration platform for healthcare and life sciences professionals and entrepreneurs. 


This radically new platform is a smarter way to collaborate and learn, seamlessly connecting highly skilled experts and specialists from around the world to unlock their potential by virtually meeting, collaborating, creating, and sharing knowledge. 


Bionabu offers bold solutions to the problems facing the healthcare industry worldwide. With its high-quality membership and advanced granular search functions, Bionabu allows users to find and connect to experts with exactly the skills and know-how required, in ways that generic networking and social media platforms fail to do.


In response to closed ecosystems, a lack of access to specialized expertise, delays and misinformation, Bionabu created its revolutionary platform as an open-source medium for peer-to-peer generated content that will drive healthcare innovation forward faster. 


Bionabu was created by health-industry professionals for health-industry professionals, and it boasts an impressive user interface and easy-to-use set of functions. Of course, safety and security is paramount, and Bionabu will keep all conversations and information fully compliant with stringent GDPR and HIPPA regulations.


Through advanced filters, specialized interests, industry specific tags, instant messaging, and community forums, users are able to search for, connect and collaborate with experts in healthcare and life sciences, as well as supporting professionals in law, technology, and finance, to help solve problems, move ideas forward, and work together in an open environment. 


At the heart of Bionabu is the Nest, an open-source peer-to-peer forum that can be personalized to filter relevant preferences and show what matters most, so professionals can share knowledge and learn from peers and entrepreneurs around the world.


“The healthcare and life sciences industries are not easy to navigate. During my 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, there were breakdowns in communication and team expectations when finding solutions and answers,” said Ina Burgstaller, founder and CEO of Bionabu. “Though the digital health market is rapidly growing, 90 percent of digital health startups fail in their first five years. This is in part due to their lack of expert resources.”


Bionabu combines advanced technology and industry-specific memberships to help facilitate change, exchange of ideas, and connection in an often-disconnected industry. By creating a space for healthcare professionals to collaborate and innovate in an environment that is often secretive and hard to navigate, Bionabu is a hub for success, solving problems, and helping healthcare worldwide. 


“Digital technology has the capacity to benefit healthcare in many ways,” Burgstaller said. “We can boost efficiency and productivity, drive innovation and minimize error. As it stands, underprivileged stakeholders don’t always have access to shared data and new information. We want to bring everyone together - different professions, different departments, and different institutions- to solve problems and speed up access to quality know-how through collaboration and open transfer of ideas.”


Planned additions to Bionabu include more AI technology and customizable privacy features for members, as well as modules for freelancers and independent consultants.


Pre-launch sign-up is open now at, with Bionabu’s full launch scheduled for October 19, 2021.


About Bionabu

Bionabu is a digital platform created to strengthen close collaboration among all health and life sciences stakeholders to positively affect innovation and digital healthcare. Bionabu seamlessly connects and shares knowledge among users, allowing industry professionals to network and exchange knowledge to build the most promising and exciting healthcare solutions faster.

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Last Updated: 13-Oct-2021