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Genesis Research Announces Significant Enhancements to EVID AI, the World’s Largest AI-Enabled Healthcare Literature Database for Faster, More Efficient Searches

Genesis Research Announces Significant Enhancements to EVID AI, the World’s

Largest AI-Enabled Healthcare Literature Database for Faster, More Efficient Searches


HOBOKEN, NJ, October 19, 2021 – Genesis Research, the leading Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) company, announces new enhancements to EVID AI, the world’s largest current healthcare literature research platform, that helps pharma teams and other healthcare decision makers find high quality, targeted results faster, more efficiently and from an unprecedented breadth of sources. Click here for a video about EVID AI.


“The published evidence base is constantly evolving and it’s critical to keep on top of it all,” says Genesis AI President Matthew Michelson. “EVID AI is the only platform with the capability to turn data embedded in multiple articles into structured tables that present relevant, requested data points in a clear format. This patented approach distills evidence into usable data, so that researchers can more easily develop graphs and dashboards to share with stakeholders without having to read a large volume of papers.”


EVID AI is the only healthcare literature database that uses machine learning to produce more than 80 million data points ─ from pre-clinical, clinical, economic, epidemiology, patient reported outcomes and review focus areas ─ and allows users to filter search results to only the most relevant, current information needed for further analysis.


Researchers can quickly retrieve only what they’re looking for ─ outcomes, survival results, safety, efficacy, healthcare utilization, costs, epidemiology, etc. ─ and avoid irrelevant articles. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, governments agencies, and other healthcare decisionmakers can use this platform internally or engage a Genesis Research team for additional support.

As the demand for RWE increases, these transparent, reproducible literature searches, which clearly denote source materials, will enhance the efficiency of clinical development and commercialization programs, as well as support RWE studies that provide key insights about therapies.

Using EVID AI, certain literature-bound tasks can be done 59-times faster than manual efforts, with significantly more relevant evidence-per-search and 15X fewer irrelevant articles. The patented machine-learning format, programmed through exposure to tens of thousands of training data points, is faster and more comprehensive than ever and will cut research time from months to weeks or days. 

EVID AI is now being used by top pharma companies to provide end-to-end evidence that is critical for RWE, HEOR, market access, R&D, medical affairs, drug safety, epidemiology, and marketing.

·   EVID AI can answer crucial questions around the epidemiology of symptoms and indications.

·   The platform can create landscapes of competitive drugs and their associated outcomes such as safety and efficacy.


·   Healthcare stakeholders can more efficiently and flexibly develop evidence-based arguments to government bodies and health technology assessments (HTAs).


·   The comprehensive database supports both larger, structured projects, such as literature reviews, as well as smaller ad-hoc inquiries about economic and epidemiology impact models that support decision making. 


For example, early in the pandemic, as data was changing quickly, a search was conducted on published COVID-19 data available to explore claims about the virus’s effect on births and the incidence of gastroenterological symptoms associated with COVID-19. Researchers found that most deliveries to women with confirmed COVID-19 were healthy, and that despite reports to the contrary, it didn’t appear that gastroenterological symptoms, especially diarrhea, were reliable for diagnosis alone, with overall incidence at less than 10%. As peer-reviewed articles about COVID-19 continue to be added to the database, EVID AI will serve as a valuable resource for retrieving updated information.


“EVID AI is a powerful tool that is already being used by some of the world’s premier pharmaceutical companies,” says Frank A. Corvino, Co-founder and CEO of Genesis Research. “Our pharma clients are excited about the enhanced capability for faster and more targeted literature searches as a standalone platform or in partnership with our client teams.”


About Genesis Research

Genesis Research is a leading international Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) organization which supports the life sciences industry and offers a unique “enhanced partnership model” that allows it to operate as an extension of a client’s team. The company was an innovator in RWE-based solutions, is entirely data agnostic and works closely with clients to identify optimal data sources. An established leader in evidence strategy, development, and communication, Genesis Research also provides expertise in the development of innovative technological solutions including dashboards, data portals, and EVID AI, an advanced AI-curated medical research database. A Rallyday portfolio company, Genesis Research has offices in Hoboken, New Jersey and Newcastle, UK. Visit


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