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Development Agreement with LocatorX Signed

PERTH, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Caretech Services Pty Ltd (CTS), WA-based intelligent packaging technology developer, today signed a Development Agreement with LocatorX, the Atlanta-based location tracking platform provider.

LXConnect™, LocatorX’s cloud-based tracking platform, provides accurate, inexpensive, and flexible tracking technology to companies across a variety of industries.

The CTS SIP System technology allows healthcare and veterinary systems to seamlessly integrate their EMR (electronic medical records) and supply chain using intelligent procedural packaging in the form of SmartPack™s and the SIPApp™.

Combining LXConnect with the SIPApp™ will allow Caretech Services to deliver authentication, validation and notification of medical supplies, medicine and other items based on manufacturer-supplied data provided on SmartPack™s and provided to LocatorX’s software suite.

“Our partnership with LocatorX will allow us to significantly reduce medication errors – helping to fulfill our mission to save as many lives as possible,” said Gregg Boalch, CTS Managing Director.

“Jointly we can also realize the dream of virtual medication stockpiles – an effective use of our technologies as a weapon in disease control - especially in the COVID era”, said Mr Boalch.

“We’re excited about the work Caretech Services is doing to improve the accuracy and authenticity of medical supply and pharmaceutical distribution,” explained Scott Fletcher, President and CEO of LocatorX.

“Additionally, we are pleased that LocatorX technology is enabling mission-critical applications ensuring patients receive the right medications at the right time without having to worry about their authenticity.”

CTS will pilot the SIP System in multiple countries in 2022.

About LocatorX

LocatorX helps businesses react faster to complex market conditions with its cloud-based tracking platform LXConnect™ -- which tracks products and assets, engages customers, and detects counterfeit activities when they occur.

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About Caretech Services

CTS mission is to save lives by integrating supply chain and medical records using intelligent procedural packaging. Not only does our technology allow us to trap the 5 causes of patient harm – prescription mis-match, contraindications with other patient medications, counterfeit supply, medication expiry and cold chain breaks – it removes existing unnecessary administrative overheads for healthcare workers, and simultaneously generates the real word evidence (RWE/RWD) necessary for effective disease and medication control by public health custodians, regulators and pharmaceutical / MedTech suppliers.

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CTS: Gregg Boalch
+61 419 922 355

LocatorX: Liz Herber
+1 404 547 2980

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