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Amerigo Scientific Launches Human Pro-Glu-Plasminogen, Recombinant for Research Use

Amerigo Scientific, a distribution company focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities, now introduces Human Pro-Glu-Plasminogen, Recombinant to scientific community for various applications, such as coagulation research, medical research, protein-structure, sequence analysis, and biochemical research.

Proteins are used in a wide range of applications, such as functional assays, screening drugs, or Western Blot. Amerigo Scientific offers multiple types of highly purified proteins for researchers to meet any research needs, including high-quality purified membrane proteins involved in a wide range of diseases for many discovery programs, and membrane protein detergents and reagents for discovery projects to improve the poor solubilization rate and the weak stability of membrane proteins. More products such as the Barley albumin and globulin, KCC2 ion channel, Rye prolamin (Secalin), Corn prolamin (Zein), and Soy protein, ethanol soluble fraction are also available at Amerigo Scientific.

This newly released human Pro-Glu-Plasminogen, recombinant is now accessible at Amerigo Scientific. It is noted that this new human Pro-Glu-Plasminogen, recombinant is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications, or food, drug, household, agricultural or cosmetic use. Its use must be supervised by a technically qualified individual experienced in handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

Amerigo Scientific also recommends human Plasmin, recombinant and plasmin substrate Tosyl-GPKpNA, chromogenic for research usage. "Experimental results are critical for scientific studies. With Amerigo Scientific's comprehensive proteins portfolio and other life science related supplies, scientists can easily find what they need for their projects and gain more reliable data," said Nina Cooper, Ph.D., the chief scientist at Amerigo Scientific. "This human Pro-Glu-Plasminogen, recombinant and other recommended products combined with our life science expertise and capabilities will support customers in experimental trials in multiple areas. We will support our customers to make an achievement in their project by bringing new offering to clients with exceptional speed, efficiency and quality."

Amerigo Scientific specializes in the distribution of science supplies to customers and aims to integrate global superior product resources and technical resources to provide scientists with the latest, professional solutions. It assures that its manufacturers' products are the most wanted for clients. For any of customers' specific requirements, it guarantees to provide them with cutting-edge solutions and products and efficient services.

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About Amerigo Scientific

Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company that focuses on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities. Although it is a new company, Amerigo Scientific's founder has had more than 20 years of rich experience in the biomedical and biochemical fields, and has established close contacts with key personnel in top international pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic research institutes, and government research agencies. It has a professional team, as most of its employees own a graduate (Ph.D. or master) degree in life science, so they can understand customers' questions or concerns and are always ready to provide individualized customer service with high standard.

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Last Updated: 10-Dec-2021