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CD Formulation—An Expert to Solve Dosage Form Development Problems

Drugs must be properly formulated to bring out their best therapeutic effect and at the same time to ease as much administration burden as possible for patients. To select the most suitable dosage form, a lot of factors such as the properties of the drug substance and the project’s commercial needs should be taken into consideration. With a team of pharmaceutical experts, CD Formulation is capable of providing valuable insights to help determine what the best dosage form option would be for each pharmaceutical development project.

Via tireless attempts made in the past decade, CD Formulation has succeeded in solving some of the problems lying in the integration of excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

“Successful development of a formulation usually includes multiple considerations, for instance, the drug, excipients, regulations, storage, packaging, stability, as well as taste, appearance, and palatability,” commented one of the senior scientists from CD Formulation.

With in-depth market research and also past research experiences, CD Formulation fully understands what problems may exist in the dosage form development process and hence provides the following customized services:

Solid Dosage Form Development

Solid dosage forms often include tablets, capsules, pellets and granules. Usually, optimizing the formulation composition in an oral solid dosage form, a statistical design of experiments is needed.

Semi-solid Dosage Form Development

Semi-solid dosage forms often include ointments, gels, suppositories, and creams. The past decade has seen progress being made in the development and manufacturing of semi-solid formulations. For example, greasy residue for a more tolerable drug product can be eliminated now.

Liquid Dosage Form Development

Having advantages like high dosing flexibility, ease of swallowing, and quick onset of action, liquid formulations have been widely used in pharmaceutics. Lotions, syrups, suspensions, solutions, drops, nasal sprays and injections are the most commonly seen liquid dosage forms.

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About CD Formulation

As a science-driven company, CD Formulation has accumulated rich experience in drug formulation and is qualified to serve the pharmaceutical industry by providing CRO services to develop, design and produce pharmaceutical excipients for customized needs. With an innovative spirit and a down-to-earth attitude, the company is missioned to address the long-standing issue of drug dosage development. It has completed several development projects and proudly extends its capability. Equipped with advanced facilities that comply with GMP regulations, the company continues to provide personalized solutions for clients, taking into consideration the unique requirements and circumstances of each new project, whether it is initial pre-formulation trials or commercial manufacturing.

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Last Updated: 07-Dec-2021