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Miami-based pharmaceutical company, Dr. Ferrer BioPharma, finalist for prestigious award for COVID-19 treatment

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two new game-changing nasal sprays, ClorNasal and ClorNovir, developed by Dr. Ferrer BioPharma of Miami, Florida were named a 2021 Finalist by CPhI in two categories, Finished Formulation, and Innovation in Response to COVID-19. This is a major accomplishment for the team at Dr. Ferrer BioPharma, who are known for being the leading innovators in intranasal medications for the treatment of cough, colds, flu, and allergies through their advanced nanoparticle technology and for bringing high quality, evidence-based, consumer-focused products invented by doctors.

The ClorNasal Intranasal Therapy System (ITS) was selected as a finalist because it solves a myriad of the problems commonly encountered by other therapies for the treatment of allergic rhinitis (AR) to include:

Rhinitis Medicamentosa – ClorNasal ITS is formulated with sugar alcohols including mannitol, xylitol, and sorbitol used as excipients which may prevent rhinitis medicamentosa (side effect of nasal corticosteroids).

Viral Infections – The formula contains a broad spectrum antiviral medication that may prevent viral infections (side effects of nasal corticosteroids).

Poor drug distribution in the nasal cavity – The nozzle has been optimized for even particle distribution (no dripping).

Application and Administration – Inserts of major intranasal therapies provide incorrect instructions to apply the spray for the indication of AR a feature that was investigated during the development of the product.

ClorNovir was selected as a finalist for Innovations in COVID-19 as a result of Dr. Ferrer BioPharma identifying a candidate drug that may be administered intranasally with both antiviral and antiallergic/inflammatory properties, chlorpheniramine maleate (CPM). Using a virucidal nasal spray could become a cutting-edge element in preventing and treating COVID-19, especially in those nations where the healthcare system has been compromised by adopting less effective and significantly more financially demanding therapies. By identifying a repurposed drug with the ability to neutralize SARS-CoV2 it will provide an added systemic anti-inflammatory protection against COVID-19. ClorNovir uses sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, combined with Chlorpheniramine.

How ClorNovir works

First, it blocks and neutralizes the virus in the entrance portal, namely the nose and the nasopharynx.

Second, the bottle and delivery device (nozzle) with a design to provide a gentle mist while evenly (swirling effect) distributing the particles in the target areas without discomfort or adding to the irritation of the affected area.

Third, the intranasal route potentiates the impact of the CPM as it bypasses hepatic metabolism for better antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory protection.

Fourth, the CPM in the formulation avoids antiviral resistance development by using a molecule that blocks the early replication step (entrance to cells).

Lastly, with the emergence of more infectious variants such as the Delta that seem to escape vaccination campaigns, the product might be used to control the main problem of the pandemic, the spread of the disease.

ClorNovir was thoughtfully designed to eliminate the virus in the nose.

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About Dr. Ferrer BioPharma

We are the leading innovators in intranasal medications for the treatment of cough, colds, flu, and allergies. We use advanced nanoparticle technology to bring to the market high quality evidence-based, consumer-focused, and doctors-invented products.

About Dr. Gustavo Ferrer

Gustavo Ferrer, MD, FCCP, is an experienced pulmonologist trained both in Cuba and the US, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Florida Cough and Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic, and president of Intensive Care Experts / Aventura Pulmonary Institute. Dr. Ferrer is an authority on respiratory ailments with over 20 years of experience.


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