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Hubilo drives mental health awareness dialogue through streaming platform

Hubilo Technologies Inc, a world-class leader in hybrid and virtual events management technology, is helping organisations drive the dialogue around mental health awareness by expanding the reach of key advocacy events.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation around mental health and wellbeing has become an increasing priority. However, social distancing measures have rendered some traditional outreach and training methods obsolete. With 10.5 million people (8.5 million adults and 1.5 million children and young people) needing support for their mental health as a direct result of the pandemic, therefore innovative solutions that connect, engage, and educate a global audience are needed more urgently than ever.

The Institute of Child Psychology (ICP), a Canada-based organisation promoting psychological and emotional wellness in children and adolescents, has used Hubilo’s virtual event platform to educate over 2,000 parents and professionals on mental health issues. With Hubilo’s user-friendly interface, end-to-end customisation options, and trailblazing networking capabilities, ICP has been able to reach out to people across the globe. The deep engagement achieved shows that physical distance is no barrier when it comes to raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

As emotional wellbeing is a topic that transcends borders and time zones, ICP required the sixth edition of their Annual Children’s Mental Health Symposium to be globally accessible. Furthermore, they needed the event to fit around attendees’ busy lives, so segmentation, parallel session-streaming capabilities, and on-demand viewing options were a must.

Hubilo’s virtual events platform enabled ICP to deliver a visually appealing, streamlined, and riveting conference. Easy onboarding, real-time gamification, and a seamless session-streaming experience ensured that attendees were deeply engaged, as evidenced by the three-day event’s consistently high footfall. The user-friendly combination of live attendance and on-demand viewing meant that potentially life-saving insights into young people’s mental health were easily available to all.

Greg Volm, SVP of Sales and Success at Hubilo, said: “We are proud to be pioneers in connecting global virtual audiences with invaluable mental health outreach events. Our partnership with ICP was hugely successful in driving engagement and raising global awareness for initiatives to support emotional wellbeing.”

Hubilo drives mental health awareness dialogue through streaming platform

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Last Updated: 15-Dec-2021