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CD ProGPCR Announces GPCR Gene Synthesis Services for Researchers

CD ProGPCR, a leading customer-focused biotechnology company based in New York, recently introduces a series of gene synthesis services for GPCR research and drug development with fast turnaround time.

Gene synthesis, also artificial gene synthesis, refers to the technique of synthesizing double stranded DNA molecules base-by-base in vitro. Almost any DNA sequence, including those do not exist in nature, can be synthesized. Gene synthesis does not require a template strand. The single-stranded molecules constructed from nucleotides de novo can be used as templates to create complementary strands.

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) represent the most diverse group of receptor proteins in eukaryotes. They play critical roles in various physiological and pathological processes. Temporally and spatially regulated gene expression of GPCRs is accountable for the changes of their biological functions. Therefore, studies on GPCR genes and genetic variants have a larger overall impact on drug development and clinical medicine. Synthetic gene technology provides a more convenient, efficient and economic approach for structure and function studies of GPCRs. In addition, it allows the recreation of ancestral receptors.

CD ProGPCR provides customers with integrated professional services and customized solutions to accelerate their cutting-edge GPCR research and drug development projects. With advanced technology, CD ProGPCR has successfully completed thousands of gene synthesis projects for customers around the world. Now various gene synthesis services for GPCR research such as standard gene synthesis, express gene synthesis, complex gene synthesis, economy gene synthesis, and gene brick synthesis service are available at CD ProGPCR.

"We have a professional scientific team with extensive experienced in gene synthesis and GPCR research, who can provide accurate data for customers and guarantee 100% sequence accuracy. Our comprehensive list of services provide customers with wide range of choices for gene vectors for different applications. These services are flexible and efficient, with custom gene synthesis for any DNA sequence, as well as guaranteed turnaround time." said Allen Hornberger, Ph.D., the chief scientist at CD ProGPCR.

CD ProGPCR provides comprehensive and professional gene-based solutions for GPCR research and drug development. It offers customized services based on a complete set of gene-based assays. "We can provide customized gene synthesis services to fully meet your requirements. Synthetic genes with 100% sequence verification are provided in plasmid cloning vectors. You will benefit from our high-quality and cost-effective services," added Allen.

If you are interested in the GPCR gene synthesis services or have any specific needs, please visit CD ProGPCR at the site

About CD ProGPCR

CD ProGPCR is a leading customer-focused biotechnology company founded in New York. With unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, CD ProGPCR focuses on biological and chemical products, and strives for solutions that can improve research outcomes and dramatically increase the speed of success. CD ProGPCR is committed to providing universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of high quality and reliable products and comprehensive service packages of GPCRs to enable advancement of basic science and drug development.

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Last Updated: 24-Dec-2021