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Cegedim Healthcare Solutions announces collection robot integration and new partnerships with MedPoint and Pharmaself24

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions announces collection robot integration and new partnerships with MedPoint and Pharmaself24 

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce its new integration with collection robots, including partnerships with MedPoint and Pharmaself24, which supply automated prescription collection machines to pharmacies. Enabling UK pharmacy owners to offer more choice and flexibility in their dispensing workflows and cater for a variety of prescription dispensing options, these integrations will provide multiple benefits to both pharmacists and patients nationwide.

This is in-line with Cegedim’s long-term strategy to outline a vision for fully integrated community-based healthcare, where pharmacists play a prominent role in multidisciplinary teams aligned with the objectives of the new Integrated Care Systems. The new integration optimises the overall efficiency of pharmacy teams, increases productivity and reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. With more time available, pharmacists are able to provide more extensive care and professional advice to patients, leading to a better delivery of care and the potential for additional revenue generation. It also delivers a more convenient service for patients with 24/7 access to their medicines and no reliance on store opening hours or queueing. 

Adam Dennett, Managing Director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, said: “We appreciate a need for transformational changes to help pharmacies thrive. We believe that community pharmacies need to be recognised as the front door to health and an indispensable component of the urgent care pathway. We are confident that our new integration with collection robots and partnership with MedPoint and Pharmaself24 will allow pharmacists to spend more time delivering care, offering professional advice and improving their business and sales whilst delivering a convenient service for both themselves and their patients. This is an important step towards our vision for fully integrated community-based healthcare.” 

Kevin Murphy, Co-founder & Clinical Director, MedPoint, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Cegedim Healthcare Solutions who are very reactive to customers’ needs. The integration has been seamless and the team has been helpful and flexible. The use of the QR code within Cegedim’s Pharmacy Manager ensures that there is no need for any manual scanning, saving pharmacists’ time and reducing footfall in stores. Cegedim has also been integrated into some of our freestanding collection points, the MedPoint SOLO, further increasing convenience for all. The growth of technology in pharmacies is increasing rapidly due to the pandemic and the ability to have 24-hour collections is huge.” 

Gary Paragpuri, CEO, Hub and Spoke Innovations, Official GB Distributor of Pharmaself24, adds: “Pharmacists are facing various pressures, not least on their time, and the smart implementation of technology is crucial for increasing internal efficiencies, delivering an excellent service for patients and protecting their business for the future. By partnering with Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, we are pleased to help take those efficiency gains to the next level for Pharmacy Manager users, further streamlining back-end operations with a user-friendly PMR interface and the reliable accurate transfer of data using barcodes to their Pharmaself24. It leaves staff free to focus their time more effectively and patients free to collect their medicines whenever they choose.”  

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Last Updated: 12-Jan-2022