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Jennifer Aniston partners with Idorsia U.S. to launch ‘Seize the Night & Day’ campaign inspiring Americans to understand their relationship with sleep

Jennifer Aniston partners with Idorsia U.S. to launch ‘Seize the Night & Day’ campaign inspiring Americans to understand their relationship with sleep

  • Jennifer reveals for the first time her sleep story spanning many years of challenges and how she has learned to make sleep a priority to have both better nights and days
  • National education campaign provides a beacon of hope by shining a light on the approximately 25 million adults in the US living with insomnia
  • Campaign provides educational resources to help people and healthcare providers understand insomnia’s dual impact that affects both nights and days

Allschwil, Switzerland & Radnor, PA, US – January 12, 2022
Idorsia Ltd (SIX: IDIA) and Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, US Inc. today announced its partnership with award-winning actor and director/producer Jennifer Aniston to launch Seize the Night & Day, an integrated educational campaign aimed at revealing insomnia’s dual impact that affects both nights and days. The national initiative sheds light on the reality of insomnia for the millions of Americans living with this very real, but often overlooked medical condition. Idorsia and Jen have forged a multi-year collaboration with the shared goal of informing, inspiring and empowering people to take the first steps towards quality sleep through education, actionable information and community support.

Jen, for the first time, is sharing her very personal sleep story and the impact that sleep issues have had on both her nights and days. Her goal is to help those who aren’t getting the quality sleep they deserve better understand that they’re not alone when it comes to trouble sleeping.

Sleep, nutrition and physical activity comprise the three pillars of health. Sleep is often overshadowed by diet and exercise, however its impact on people is becoming better understood. Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder in the US, affecting approximately 25 million adults.1 Lack of quality sleep can impair people’s daily lives, including the ability to concentrate, mood and energy levels.2 In the long-term, insomnia is associated with an increased risk of numerous serious health conditions, such as psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, substance abuse and dementia.3, 4, 5

Jennifer Aniston commented:
“My challenges with sleep began many years ago – so it’s such a priority for my overall health. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, my next day is really difficult. In working with Idorsia, I hope that we can all start prioritizing sleep health and have different conversations around trouble sleeping.”

Visit ‘Seize the Night & Day’ to hear more about Jen’s sleep story.

As part of the campaign, Jen will be featured in digital and television advertising that brings to life how people are not themselves when they don’t get quality sleep. Additionally, the campaign has online educational resources that explore the science behind insomnia and its dual impact that affects both nights and days; tips to get a better night’s rest and creating a sleep routine; and a community forum where people can connect with others to share positive sleep affirmations.

Patricia Torr, President and General Manager of Idorsia US commented:
“Seize the Night & Day exemplifies Idorsia’s commitment to providing people living with insomnia the information they need to take the first step in improving their sleep. Jen is a natural partner for the campaign as she has had trouble sleeping for many years. We share a unified vision of helping others understand how insomnia’s dual impact affects both nights and days and the importance of quality sleep.”

To learn more about #SeizetheNightandDay visit the consumer and HCP websites and follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Last Updated: 12-Jan-2022