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CD Genomics: The Biomedical Bioinformatics Platform Unveils Biomarker and Target Discovery Data Analysis Service

The Biomedical Bioinformatics Platform belongs to CD Genomics and has a good reputation for assisting researchers with data analysis challenges, including NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation, and general genomic data analysis, as well as data mining, statistical modeling, data integration, information science, database construction, and management. Recently, the company announced the launch of biomarker and target discovery service for disease identification, early diagnosis and prevention, and monitoring during treatment.


With the development of high-throughput sequencing technology, new biomarkers can not only be used as indicators for disease diagnosis and later judgment, but also as therapeutic targets. Biomarkers play an important role in disease research. Whether it's to clarify new biomarkers for improved diagnostic methods and drug development, or to confirm existing markers in various types and stages of tumors, or to choose the best target point for preclinical research, tumor markers have a significant impact on the progress and practical application of tumor research.


"The discovery of disease-specific biomarkers through various experiments and data analysis may facilitate disease identification, early diagnosis and prevention, and monitoring during treatment. Analysis of biomarkers by bioinformatics can provide data support for experiments to a large extent, thereby speeding up research progress and reducing research costs. With years of data analysis experience, CD Genomics provides you with a wide range of biomarker and target discovery data analysis services. Through joint analysis, gene expression analysis and interaction network analysis of different omics data, it is helpful to identify drug-related targets in the process of disease occurrence and development, "commented Senior Scientist of CD Genomics.


CD Genomics provides customers with different types of biomarker and target discovery data analysis services, and also provides different biomarker identification solutions according to different research needs and raw data.


Single-group analysis methods are typically limited, whereas multi-omics combined analysis methods integrate information from multiple omics levels, provide more evidence for biological mechanisms, and mine candidate biomarkers at a deeper level.CD Genomics can offer high-quality multi-omics combined analysis, such as transcriptome and metabolome, proteome and metabolome, microbiome and metabolome, miRNA and mRNA, DNA Methylation-miRNA-mRNA, Genome and Metabolome, LncRNA and Metabolome, mRNA-Proteome-Metabolome, miRNA-mRNA and protein, and so on.


“CD Genomics can help researchers meet data analysis challenges. With the development of artificial intelligence, methods such as machine learning, deep learning mode are used for biomedical data solutions. Our goal is to provide high-quality bioinformatics and data mining services to biomedical researchers in academic institutions, biotech, clinical facilities and government agencies,” said CD Genomics's Marketing Manager.

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is one of the world's leading providers of bioinformatics analysis services, with a high-performance computing platform and a bioinformatics analysis team dominated by Ph.D. and Master's degrees. As one of the biomedical data analysis providers, CD Genomics provides customizable, one-stop biomedical data analysis services to help researchers deal with data analysis challenges.



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Last Updated: 25-Jan-2022