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Original-Research: Defence Therapeutics Inc. (von GBC AG)

Original-Research: Defence Therapeutics Inc. - von GBC AG Einstufung von GBC AG zu Defence Therapeutics Inc. Unternehmen: Defence Therapeutics Inc. ISIN: CA24463V1013 Anlass der Studie: Research Comment Empfehlung: - Kursziel: - Letzte Ratingänderung: Analyst: Julien Desrosiers, Cosmin Filker GBC Research Watchlist: Defence Therapeutics Defence Therapeutics is led by Sebastien Plouffe. Mr. Plouffe has been a successful Investment Advisor and CEO notably in the resource sector, leading several junior companies to profitable exits. Mr. Plouffe is supported by Dr. Moutih Rafei, VP R&D and Dr. Simon Beaudoin CTSO. Dr. Rafei is a world-renowned Immuno-Oncologist and Dr. Beaudoin is the co- inventor of the ACCUMTM-Technology. The Company board also includes high profile specialists such as Dr. Sarkis Meterissian, world renowned oncologist, Director of the Breast Center of the MUHC and MUHC Head of the Tumor Site Group and Dr. Raimar Löbenberg Founder and Director of the Drug Development and Innovation Centre (University of Alberta). Because The Company can attach most molecules to ACCUM and possibly enhance intracellular delivery, the potential applications of their molecule are extremely diverse. The company is currently developing five distinct products, all leveraging their ACCUMTM-Technology. All are currently in Pre-Clinical or Discovery phases. They have all shown tremendous potential in rodent and non-rodent animal models. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) are one of the fastest growing anticancer drugs. This approach comprises a mAb conjugated to the cytotoxic payload via a chemical linker that directed toward a target antigen expressed on the cancer cell surface, reducing systemic exposure and therefore toxicity. ADCs are complex molecules that require careful attention to various components. Selection of an appropriate target, an mAb, cytotoxic payload, and the way the antibody is linked to the payload are key determinants of the safety and efficacy of ADCs. One of the major and most common encounters for successful development of vaccine and ADC's are the antigen/ADC degradation in the target cell endosomes. The drug developer has then two options: increase the dosage, which results in increased side effects or keep the dosage untouched with the consequence of a less than expected efficiency. These two scenarios can lead directly to FDA denial. The ACCUMTM platform, developed by Defence Therapeutics aims directly at tackling this issue. Solving the limited nucleus delivery hurdle would have a profonde effect for the ADC drug development sector leading to possible approval of already declined ADCs or increased probabilities of approval for new ones. The sum of all these attributes puts the ACCUMTM Technology at the center of future cancer treatment including the design of enhanced ADCs and therapeutic vaccines. We are currently working on the Initial Coverage of Defence Therapeutics, which is coming soon. Based on this, we will start ongoing coverage on Defence Therapeutics as we believe now is the ideal time to show the valuation potential in this growth story. The company has already referred to several important upcoming milestones that could be included in our research report. Die vollständige Analyse können Sie hier downloaden: Kontakt für Rückfragen GBC AG Halderstraße 27 86150 Augsburg 0821 / 241133 0 ++++++++++++++++ Offenlegung möglicher Interessenskonflikte nach § 85 WpHG und Art. 20 MAR Beim oben analysierten Unternehmen ist folgender möglicher Interessenkonflikt gegeben: (5a,11); Einen Katalog möglicher Interessenkonflikte finden Sie unter: +++++++++++++++ Date (time) Completion: 21/01/22 (11:12 am) Date (time) first transmissi-on: 24/01/22 (11:00 am) -------------------übermittelt durch die EQS Group AG.------------------- Für den Inhalt der Mitteilung bzw. Research ist alleine der Herausgeber bzw. Ersteller der Studie verantwortlich. Diese Meldung ist keine Anlageberatung oder Aufforderung zum Abschluss bestimmter Börsengeschäfte.

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