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CD ProGPCR Launches Gene Expression Profiling Services for GPCRs Research

CD ProGPCR, a leading customer-focused biotechnology company based in New York, recently introduces professional and comprehensive gene expression profiling services for GPCRs research and drug development.

Gene expression profiling refers to the measurement of gene expression in a cell at any given moment. It provides a high-throughput method and accurate information for gene expression. Thousands of genes or even the entire genome can be measured at the same time. Common techniques for determining gene expression include microarrays and sequencing. The former mainly measures the activity of specific genes of interest, while the latter allows the determination of all active genes in the cell. Gene expression profiling can improve the understanding of the pathology, diagnosis, clinical outcome and treatment response of various diseases.

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are an evolved and diverse group of receptors that include the most extensive therapeutic targets. The analysis of GPCR expression in cells and tissues helps to clarify the role of GPCRs in cell physiology and pathophysiology, and is of great significance to drug discovery. Gene expression profiling is also an important step in revealing the function of orphan GPCRs in disease, and is essential for identifying the potential therapeutic value of any given orphan GPCRs.

CD ProGPCR now offers comprehensive Gene Expression Profiling Services for customers focusing on GPCR research and drug development, such as the Microarray-Based Gene Expression Profiling, Digital Gene Expression Profiling, and Gene Expression Profiling with Tag-Seq. With extensive successful experience in providing comprehensive techniques and solutions for gene expression profiling, CD ProGPCR can provide customized gene expression profiling services to fully meet customers' requirements.

For instance, Microarray-Based Gene Expression Profiling is useful in discovering appropriate targets for therapeutic applications, as microarray enables to analyze the expression pattern of thousands of specific genes in particular cells at a given time at the genome level. As for Digital Gene Expression Profiling, it has the ability to measure low-abundance genes and find unknown transcripts, since digital gene expression profiling is an innovative strategy with the advantages of high coverage, high sensitivity and low background noise. And Gene Expression Profiling with Tag-Seq can perform better in gene discovery and is sensitive to rare transcripts. Tag-Seq is a new method to generate exceptionally low-noise gene expression profiling data.

CD ProGPCR provides global customers with a series of comprehensive and professional gene-based solutions for GPCR research and drug development. It offers customized services based on a complete set of gene-based assays. If you are interested in Gene Expression Profiling of GPCRs services or have any specific needs, please visit CD ProGPCR at the site

About CD ProGPCR

CD ProGPCR is a leading customer-focused biotechnology company founded in New York. With unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, CD ProGPCR focuses on biological and chemical products, and strives for solutions that can improve research outcomes and dramatically increase the speed of success. CD ProGPCR is committed to providing universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of high quality and reliable products and comprehensive service packages of GPCRs to enable advancement of basic science and drug development.

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Last Updated: 25-Jan-2022