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Profacgen Launched Antibiotic-free Expression System for Protein Expression Service

Profacgen, a state-of-the-art protein service provider located in the USA that provides custom protein services in biological sciences, recently launched a new and highly effective antibiotic-free expression system to meet scientists’ needs in the protein expression field.


Expression vectors inserted with antibiotic resistance genes are mainstream recombinant expression systems that use antibiotics during fermentation to avoid the growth and domination of anaplastic granulocytes. However, antibiotic residues in protein products often cause allergic reactions in the body, while the widespread use of resistance genes leads to the emergence of more and more resistant strains in the environment. In addition, antibiotics can contaminate biomass or production products, and these contaminations are intolerable in industry and medicine. When antibiotics are used, it is also expensive to demonstrate the amount of antibiotic residue and remove it in order to ensure that there is no antibiotic residue in the final product. Therefore, the use of antibiotic-free systems has become an inevitable trend in the biomanufacturing industry.


Supported by years’ experience in protein expression, Profacgen now can provide a new efficient stabilization system. The system is based on two genes, a toxin gene that can cause cell death is inserted into the genome of the expressing strain. Antitoxin genes are located in expression plasmids, and antitoxins act as toxin inhibitors. Expression plasmids with antitoxin genes and target genes were induced into host strains. Antitoxins can counteract toxins when the plasmid is present in the cell, and if the plasmid is lost, the toxin results in cell death. Using this system, stable and high protein production can be achieved and no antibiotics are added during the production process.


According to the official speaker from Profacgen, the system has the following advantages:

Perfect stabilization was achieved without the use of antibiotics.

It makes the recombinant protein yield higher and purer.

No specific modifications required for DNA or protein production processes or culture media.

Wide range of use.

Decrease protein background other than target protein.


At present, over 10 kinds of protein expression systems are available at Profacgen, please visit to know more.



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Last Updated: 25-Feb-2022