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North Bay Startup LARASAH Launches Results-Focused Solution for Burnout

KENTFIELD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Larasah, a burnout solution company based in Marin County, CA, has created the Five to Align System which focuses on the five key areas that need to be practiced to maintain consistently high energy levels and performance without the cyclical crashes of exhaustion and overwhelm. It’s results-focused, not just a feel-good exercise. The cornerstone is the Five to Align Journal, a guidebook that becomes a customized and insightful tool to make more aligned decisions and rejuvenate quickly. Larasah founder, Lara Park Menning says, “I had experienced stress as a pharmaceutical professional and entrepreneur. I knew that in order to excel in challenging jobs, we need tools and practices that increase productivity without increasing stress.”

Even when we love our work, we can experience stress. A little over the short term can mobilize energy and increase focus. Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation, an essential component of chronic disease. In fact, 75-90% of all human diseases are related to the activation of the stress response in the body.

The first step of the Five to Align System is a personal stress profile assessment. It establishes a baseline score in terms of Aligned Purpose, Emotional Fluency, Stress Support, Body Vitality, and Calm Mind, which are the core tenets of the system. This insight allows each person to understand burnout risk, identify unique stressors, and learn which areas need more support in order to make shifts that don't require an overhaul of their life.

LARASAH’s mission is to guide leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to achieve their mission with confidence and vitality. The company offers powerful yet practical solutions so that clients experience more energy and less stress without adding more to-dos to an already busy life.

Lara Park Menning is the CEO & Founder and former co-founder of Nucleo Life Sciences*, a pharmaceutical development company in the SF Bay Area in California.



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Last Updated: 01-Mar-2022