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Qlucore receives second commercial order for new solution

Qlucore receives second commercial order for new solution

The Swedish Nasdaq First North listed software company Qlucore, focused on cancer diagnostics, has signed an agreement with the Molecular Oncohematology Research Group at the Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research at Semmelweis University. The group will use Qlucore’s software to improve diagnostics of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and collaborate on a new classification model using the Trusight Pan-Cancer panel.

This is the second order in the precision diagnostics field in a short time for Qlucore. The company, which already is well established among many of the world’s leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, will now support another diagnostics laboratory in Europe. The objective is to assist to develop services and analysis with fast and visual results, enabling more precise diagnosis and choice of treatment.

Carl-Johan Ivarsson, CEO of Qlucore, comments, "Our solutions make it easier and improve cancer diagnostics, in this case for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This makes it easier for physicians to diagnose and then decide on how to treat the disease."

Cancer diagnostics are undergoing significant changes and Qlucore is part of this development. With unique software advanced visualization, mathematics and biology are combined in user-friendly solutions.

Qlucore Insights supports data from whole transcriptomics as well as from panels such as Pan-Cancer and TSO500. Addition of RNA sequencing in the diagnostics workup of leukemia (ALL) is becoming increasingly important for clinical decision-making as it allows unbiased detection of gene fusions and subtype classification based on gene expression signatures. Gene fusions are important diagnostic markers according to the current guidelines for leukemia (ALL and AML).

Csaba Bödör, Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory of the Oncohematology Center, comments, “We look forward to using Qlucore’s solutions for gene fusion analysis and subtyping based on gene expression signatures. This makes it easier for us a complete gene fusion analysis with visual feedback of RNA-seq data from patients with Leukemia and other cancer forms. We are equally excited to collaborate with Qlucore on developing a novel Pan-Cancer classification model.”

Qlucore’s solutions are currently available for research use only and work is ongoing to obtain a CE mark. The company’s advanced software enables faster and better precision-based cancer diagnostics, with the AI-powered machine learning based components making it possible to subtype patients. Qlucore’s software solutions are unique and with combined advanced visualization, mathematics and biology, make them accessible to the user. Qlucore is well established with leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

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Last Updated: 04-Mar-2022