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Foamtec Medical's Optimized Polyurethane Foam Swabs Help Reduce Risks of False Positive and Negative COVID-19 Results

Newly developed testing swabs deliver three to eight times the release rate of competitors

WACO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#covid19--Foamtec Medical is the only completely vertically integrated swab manufacturer that formulates and manufactures medical-grade polyurethane foam. Foamtec Medical has developed a new foam formulation designed to capture the maximum volume of sample and maximum release. This testing innovation provides extremely high recovery rates.

“Consistent, high-volume pick-up of nasal or oral matrices ensures that if an infection is present, it will be discovered,” said Michael Strauss, GM at Foamtec Medical. “High recovery ensures that a maximum amount of matrix will be available for your test. This volume recovery will help significantly reduce the risk of inaccurate test results by delivering a high volume of infection if it is present in the patient.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a safety communication on January 28, 2022 warning about the risks of misleading results with less accurate test brands. Foamtec Medical’s optimized polyurethane foam swabs reduce the risk of unreliable results for viral and bacterial diagnostic tests.

“Our R&D team has engineered new foams that are specific for viral and bacterial diagnostics. No other foam swab manufacturer can make this claim,” said Strauss.

Foamtec Medical’s R&D breakthrough and advancement in testing technology include:

  • Capturing high sample volume typical of polyurethane foam
  • Release higher percentages of sample than previously attainable with polyurethane foam
  • Formulating the only medical-grade polyurethane foam on the market specific for viral and bacterial diagnostics

Discover how Foamtec Medical’s high recovery foam diagnostic swabs outperform standard swabs, including a study on the effectiveness and particle recovery:

About Foamtec Medical

Foamtec Medical is the custom Medical Device manufacturing division of Foamtec International. Foamtec Medical is an expert in the production of medical-grade polyurethane foam for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Foamtec Medical’s expertise is in the production of medical-grade polyurethane foam and medical devices. Medical-grade products demand consistency, quality, and traceability. Foamtec's entire product development, manufacturing, and quality systems are designed to deliver these benefits to customers.


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