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Creative Peptides Announces Innovative Services of Peptide Drug Discovery

New York, United States–March 23, 2022—Creative Peptides, a globally recognized peptide company, today announces its release of innovative peptide drug discovery services to speed the development of peptide drugs. Creative Peptides' collaborative integration of biology, high-throughput screening, and calculational chemistry can promote the multidisciplinary nature of peptide drug discovery research.


The last decade has seen dramatic changes in peptide drug discovery as peptides have gained recognition for high selectivity, safety, and affinity. At present, there are about 140 peptide therapeutics that are being evaluated in clinical trials, and over 80 peptide drugs have been approved for a range of diseases including diabetes, cancer, HIV infection, and chronic pain. Given the huge potential of peptide drugs in pharmaceutical R&D and great challenges in the discovery of peptide drugs, Creative Peptides offers a broad array of peptide drug discovery services to facilitate peptide drug research.


Creative Peptides utilizes multiple techniques in the peptide drug discovery process. Target verification is critical. Accordingly, the peptide experts will assess the consequences of target manipulation on pathways, perform genetic studies of targets in relevant cells and omics analysis of targets in certain cell systems, or in vivo models in the case of diseases where they have established the targets are relevant and can be druggable. In addition, the scientific team applies structural information about protein-ligand interaction to help identify drug candidates. They also design appropriate analogs to improve potency, stability, and other major properties by developing quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models and machine learning-based models.


With years of experience and deep expertise, Creative Peptides can find the relationship between drugs and diseases and quickly identify effective targets, which could shorten the period of target discovery. Besides, the company possesses in-house capability in discovering peptides with enhanced affinity, selectivity, and stability based on its proprietary peptide technologies. What’s more, Creative Peptides' peptide library provides a variety of compounds, which can be individually selected by customers, allowing researchers to screen molecules that are most suitable for their research methodologies in size and composition.


About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides, a leading biomedical technology company located in the USA, is committed to providing high-quality peptides drug development services and tailor-made products to help customers in peptide development. Its peptide experts enjoy the capability of serving clients from early peptide drug discovery stages to peptide drug scale-up based on their mature technologies and advanced platforms. Creative Peptides has been striving to fuel its vision of being a comprehensive peptide company since its establishment.

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Last Updated: 24-Mar-2022