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KEELE, 30 MARCH 2022: Théa Pharmaceuticals has launched Zaspray®; the newest addition to their Dry Eye range. Zaspray® is a practical and innovative 3-in-1 preservative-free spray that helps relieve itchy and dry eyes, especially those caused by allergies and hay fever. [1],[2] 

Zaspray has been specifically designed to hydrate, lubricate, and soothe the eyes and its preservative-free formula helps protect the eye tissue and improve tear film stability. The spray is composed of:

  • 0.2% Hyaluronic acid to keep the ocular eye surface lubricated, hydrated and protected to improve tear film stability,
  • 4.5% Per-Lip® complex which includes Liposomes, providing migration across the eyelid margins to combine with the tear film, easing any eye irritation and discomfort,
  • Perilla Seed is a natural plant extract which is an antioxidant.

“Dry Eye Disease can have a huge impact on consumers and symptoms are often heightened during hay fever season” says Dr Matthew Olsen, Head of UK Marketing, Théa Pharmaceuticals. “There’s nothing worse than having itchy, irritated eyes that get in the way of everyday life. As we build on our commitment to raising awareness of the importance of looking after our eyes, we are pleased to add Zaspray® to complement our existing portfolio of dry eye products.. Its spray mechanism makes it easy to use and convenient for those with dry eye symptoms caused by allergies”

Zaspray’s Aptar® bottle technology avoids the need for preservatives and helps prevent any bacterial contamination. It is an easy and pleasant to use sterile spray with a fine mist and precise measured doses and so may be a preferred alternative for those who struggle with drops or anyone with dexterity or coordination issues. To use, simply hold the bottle approximately 10cm away the eye and spray onto a closed eyelid once or twice, 3 to 4 times a day. Zaspray can also be used alongside other anti-histaminic therapies.

Over 21 million people in the UK live with one or more allergies.[3] Classified as a ‘modern epidemic’ by the World Health Organisation,3 allergies can affect quality of life, school performance and work productivity. During hay fever season from March to September, many people can suffer from itchy, red, and tired eyes and for those who suffer from Dry Eye Disease year-round, it only exacerbates their symptoms even further. In a recent survey conducted by Thea, 76% of people believed their dry eye symptoms were caused by an allergy.[4] 

Dr Tania Cork, Community Pharmacist, shares her top tips for dealing with irritated eyes through the hay fever season:

  1. Blink regularly to help lubricate the eyes
  2. Wash the pollen out by bathing eyes in cool boiled water
  3. Do not use cotton wool, instead opt for a sterile lid-cleansing wipe like BlephaClean
  4. Shower and change your clothes when you come in from outside
  5. Wear sunglasses when you can.

She adds, “Whatever the eye condition, community pharmacists must aim to help patients recognise the benefits of choosing preservative-free despite these often being the more expensive option. Benefits are considerable including a significant reduction in burning and itching sensations. Using preservative-free supports the health of the ocular surface as even in very low concentrations, preservatives can be harmful and damage ocular surfaces. Opting for preservative-free products is crucial for those who might be using drops or sprays multiple times a day.”

Zaspray® is the latest addition to the eye care range from Théa Pharmaceuticals. To find out more please visit: 



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About Zaspray®

Zaspray® is a preservative free spray that helps soothe, hydrate, and lubricate the eyes, relieving itchy and irritated dry eyes. Its preservative free formula helps protect the eye tissue and is well tolerated. Its easy and pleasant to use spray comes in a precise measured dose and is a good alternative for those who use drops of who have coordination or dexterity issues.

About Théa Pharmaceuticals

Théa Pharmaceuticals was established in the UK in 2008. They offer a comprehensive product line that includes Dry Eye, lid hygiene, eye nutrition, allergy, anti-inflammatory, glaucoma, infection, surgery, and optometry. Due to the well-known issues caused by such ingredients in ophthalmology products, the company was among the first to introduce preservative-free eye drops. Théa also invented the first multi-dose bottle capable of dispensing preservative-free eye drops: the ABAK® bot­tle, a patented user friendly and calibrated dispenser.

Théa’s products are 100% preservative-free and include:

  • Zaspray®: Spray onto closed eye lids when your eyes need relieving through hay fever season (RRP: £13.99)
  • Thealoz® Duo Eye Drops: pop these into your eyes whenever you need a refresh throughout the day: (RRP £13.99)
  • Thealoz® Duo Gel Eye Drops: long-lasting protection for just before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning: (RRP: £11.99)
  • BlephaClean® wipes: gently formulated to help treat eyelid inflammation commonly associated with dry eye disease and blepharitis: (RRP: £8.99)
  • Blepha EyeBag®: original, effective, and reusable warm compress to release the eye’s/eyelid’s natural oils to maintain tear film and ocular comfort: (RRP: £19.99)



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