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The Story Behind Sambrosa's Perfectly Blended Allergy Nighttime Syrup

Before Sambrosa's perfectionated sleep syrup was a bestselling product, it was the work of a homeopathic doctor committed to helping her patients get higher-quality rest

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - April 12, 2022 - (

As creators of one of the leading allergy nighttime syrup products, Sambrosa takes deep pride in ensuring that all of their customers have a safe and effective solution for getting better sleep. This passion for providing a reliable nighttime allergy medicine has been part of the brand's story since day one, and continues to shape the company's approach to product development.

The story of Sambrosa started with a homeopathic doctor in the Netherlands whose patients were looking for an effective remedy to help sleep quality and provide supportive relief from allergy symptoms. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, the doctor created a highly optimized nighttime syrup made from organic herbs and called it Sambrosa.

Demand for Sambrosa allergy relief syrup grew rapidly, as did its customer base. Eventually, an enthusiastic customer in Canada reached out to Sambrosa's creator to inquire about buying the company. And today, Sambrosa remains a family-owned and operated endeavor, run primarily by a core U.S. team that includes Suzanne van der Kuil Kabbara, the daughter of the homeopathic doctor and founder, and Jeff van Hierden, the son of the Canadian individual who bought the company and brought it globally.

Sambrosa's allergy syrup for sleep is about more than just relief from allergies and sleep issues. It's about coming together for a common cause and making sure that people all over the world have access to a product that can truly help improve their quality of life. Sambrosa night syrup currently boasts an extensive global user base, as well as a 9.1 out of 10 review score among European Union customers. 

Other entrepreneurs interested in joining the Sambrosa family are encouraged to learn about Sambrosa's reseller program and the ability to buy the brand's natural health products wholesale. For more information, please visit, and contact the Sambrosa team with any questions, including those about the Sambrosa reseller and referral programs.

About Sambrosa

Sambrosa is committed to making dreams of better sleep come true, with a dedicated allergy relief syrup that does double duty as a gentle and effective sleep aid. Founded in the Netherlands and later bought by a Canadian family, Sambrosa's night syrup is part of a longstanding commitment to natural-based ingredients and is made with organic herbs and no dyes, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup.

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