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Pharmacy Solutions Leader ProCare LTC Rebrands as Clarest® Health

Name Change Reflects a Company Mission Based on New, Technology-powered Innovations

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProCare LTC, a leading provider of professional solutions for post-acute pharmaceutical care, is rebranding as Clarest Health, effective today.

The name change recognizes a powerful new mission for the company: Providing technology-enabled Personalized Medication Management to patients, caregivers, and its long-term care partners.

Personalized Medication Management combines ProCare’s exceptional service with data-driven insights and the latest pharmacy technologies to provide an unmatched level of pharmacy care. Tailored and supportive care is also efficient and incredibly convenient for patients in their wellness journey.

“ProCare has had a long and successful history as an admired, mission-driven pharmacy health expert,” said Chief Executive Officer Hammad Shah. “By embracing modern technology and personalized medication data analytics, Clarest Health will support both professional care providers and home-based caregivers in advancing patient health.”

Innovating the Future of Personalized Medication Management

Going forward, Clarest Health will focus its innovation and business expansion in three areas:

  1. A medication data platform to provide caregivers and patients with greater Rx clarity and better outcomes. The Clarest Health Platform will combine the company’s long-standing expertise in medication management with modern, predictive data analytics. The result will be cost-effective pharmacy health solutions, supported by comprehensive metrics to provide patients with greater peace of mind in knowing their medicines are personalized to their needs.

  2. Specialized transition-to-home offerings to assist patients who are moving home from a care facility and those managing specific disease states, such as chronic kidney disease. Clarest Health’s proven team of pharmacy experts will work with facilities and physicians to integrate clinical, pharmacy, and medical data (past and current) to optimize ongoing care and enable a successful transition home.

  3. State-of-the-art technology automation running 24 x 7 x 365. Whether in a facility or at home, the Clarest CareFil™ Rx pill pouch will ensure patients receive the precise medicines they need when they need them. Not only will they arrive quickly, accurately, and with ease of dispensing, they will be carefully aligned with each patient’s personal health history to support both professional care providers and home-based caregivers in aiding the best possible outcomes.

About the New Brand

The Clarest name and brand were developed in collaboration with a leading brand consulting firm Sustena, a Pariveda company, that provides strategic brand services, including developing, naming, and launching B2B brands that unite employees, attract customers, and increase enterprise value.

The new brand recognizes that few things are as important in healthcare, and especially in pharmacy care, as absolute clarity. It also enables patients to rest easy knowing they can count on Clarest’s data-driven insights and flawless execution in managing their medications whether they are at a care facility or at home.

"We are and will always be a mission-focused and service-oriented company,” Shah noted. “As Clarest Health, we will look to expand the communities we serve, from institutional care facilities to physician specialty groups and directly to the patients themselves – especially as they transition home from skilled nursing and rehab facilities.

“Our goal as Clarest Health is to shift our role from reactive to proactive patient care, positioning our business as the leader in Personalized Medication Management. We will do this by bringing together an unmatched history of service excellence with a data platform that provides a holistic view of the patient, resulting in better outcomes and a greater quality of life.”

About Clarest Health

As a mission-driven pharmacy health expert, Clarest cares for every patient individually and holistically. By embracing modern technology and personalized medication data analytics, we support both professional care providers and home-based caregivers to Advance a Patient’s Health at Every Step on their wellness journey.


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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2022