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CD Genomics Releases Human Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing for Disease Research and Biodiversity Assessment

CD Genomics is a world-leading genomics services company, innovating in sequencing services for the genomics industry as well as genotyping, library construction, bioinformatics, aptamers, microarrays, health diagnostics, mutagenesis analysis, and more. CD Genomics launches fully-developed human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing for the study of mitochondrial genome-related diseases, such as diabetes, certain cancers, and mechanisms of aging.


The mitochondrial genome contains genes essential for cellular energetics and survival. Due to the growing awareness of the importance of metabolism and bioenergetics in a variety of human diseases, an increasing number of mitochondrial DNA studies are being used to investigate the link between mtDNA sequence variation and disease development. Mitochondrial genome-wide association studies have established links between mtDNA and a variety of diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


“We developed panels that capture the entirety of the human mitochondrial DNA genome. These are multiplex PCR-based and probe-capture-based targeted sequencing methods that potentially cover the entire human mitochondrial genome. Multiplex PCR amplification or probe capture of the mitochondrial genome are used to enrich mtDNA. After that, the enhanced mtDNA is subjected to library preparation and ultra-deep sequencing. We offer this technology to customers to aid in their study on mitochondrial genome-related disorders,” stated CD Genomics’s executive vice president.


CD Genomics offers mtDNA-seq for the detection of specific mtDNA mutations associated with disease, the determination of mtDNA heterogeneity, and haplogroup classification. The process starts with extracted genomic DNA, which contains mtDNA and nuclear DNA, without purification of mitochondria. Enrichment of mtDNA was achieved by selective amplification of the mitochondrial genome using long-range PCR. The enriched mtDNA is then subjected to library preparation and sequencing.


Key advantages and features of CD Genomics’s mtDNA-seq:

  1. Easier access to initial samples: human gDNA, containing both mtDNA and nuclear DNA
  2. Ultra-deep sequencing: >1000x coverage, with the Illumina PE150 platform
  3. High accuracy: 100% amplicon or probe coverage of all regions of the mitochondrial genome
  4. Lowest price: which is dependent on the sample-size
  5. Fastest turnaround time: 3-4 weeks


“Our philosophy is to accelerate the development of the biotechnology industry towards breakthrough discoveries. And our goal is to bring the most reliable genome sequencing technology to our customers. For many years, CD Genomics has been committed to providing comprehensive sequencing and analysis services to research institutions and biotechnology companies,” said Dianna, Marketing Manager of CD Genomics.


About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is a genomics service provider well-known for providing reliable sequencing and bioinformatics analysis services, aiming to deliver high-quality next-generation sequencing, third-generation sequencing, and microarray services for the research community.



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Last Updated: 27-Apr-2022