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Variohm launch new medical NTC thermistor

Expanding its comprehensive range of temperature sensors, Variohm EuroSensor has developed a new NTC thermistor especially designed for medical equipment use and particularly aimed at sensing small temperature changes in body and ambient medical area temperatures. With its high resistance design (2.25kOhm @25 °C), the ENTC-EB-2.2k3977-005 offers maximum sensitivity and a fast response time in the temperature range of 32 °C to 42 °C where its resistance tolerance of +/-0.05 °C is well suited to high specification instrumentation and where temperature sensing, control and compensation are critical factors.

The new thermistor is encapsulated in a brown Stycast thermally conductive epoxy coating and electrical interfacing is via two 76 mm, 32 AWG solid Alloy 180 leads. Its miniature form, measuring just 2.4 mm at the tip, will suit straightforward integration into many types of medical probes and in pharma and medical equipment. The sensor has a full operating temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C.

The ENTC-EB-2.2k3977-005 thermistor is part of a wide range of temperature measurement devices available from Variohm that includes many other NTC and RTD thermistors, temperature probes, transducers, disposable medical probes, Hi Rel and space qualified thermistors, temperature switches, thermocouples and more. Comprehensive technical information is available at Variohm EuroSensor’s website. For more information call +44 (0)1327 351 004 or email

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Last Updated: 26-Apr-2022