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Amber L. Southwell, Ph.D., Awarded Sensory SentinelTM Grant by Turner Scientific

JACKSONVILLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Turner Scientific, a world leader in animal laboratory environmental monitoring, has chosen Amber L. Southwell, Ph.D., as the winner of its 2022 Sensory SentinelTM grant to promote animal welfare and improved research. Dr. Southwell holds multiple positions in the neuroscience space, including Co-Director at the Central Florida Center for Huntington's Disease; Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences; and Director of the rodent behavior facility at the University of Central Florida Health Sciences campus in Orlando, Florida.

Throughout her career, Dr. Southwell has focused on developing strategies for the treatment of Huntington's disease (HD), the most commonly inherited neurodegenerative disease. HD research requires the use of sensitive genetic lines of test animals, and Dr. Southwell's proposal effectively embraced the purpose of the Sensory Sentinel in protecting these animals. "The Sensory Sentinel measures all important variables and tracks employee activities. Therefore, it will be indispensable in helping us to identify and eliminate any potential stressors to promote the welfare of our animals," stated Dr. Southwell.

The integration of the Sensory Sentinel in Dr. Southwell's work presents a new and highly anticipated opportunity for Turner Scientific to assist more Principal Investigators. By monitoring their research spaces, the Sensory Sentinel can significantly benefit the animals' health and well-being in their studies. "We offer the Sensory Sentinel primarily to protect animal welfare and increase the validity of research generated by leading scientists," said Jeremy Turner, Ph.D., founder of Turner Scientific. "Dr. Southwell's HD research leads to life-saving breakthroughs, and we are incredibly proud to support this work."

Turner Scientific provides devices and consulting services to measure variables in laboratory environments that are harmful to animals. The Sensory Sentinel, Turner Scientific's flagship product, was introduced in October 2020 and represented the culmination of years of technological development led by Dr. Turner. Capable of measuring noise, vibration, temperature, humidity, and light in animal rooms and cages, this device allows research scientists and animal facility managers to identify and reduce harmful and excessive levels of these environmental conditions.

Dr. Southwell will receive a Sensory Sentinel device and adequate consultation to allow for proper installation, use, and interpretation of data.

About Turner Scientific

Turner Scientific is a consultant in environmental control to animal research facilities. The company provides consultancy and monitoring services to minimize the confounding influences of noise, vibration, temperature, humidity, and light exposure in animals in research facilities worldwide. Turner Scientific is also a non-clinical contract research organization specializing in hearing sciences and offers auditory efficacy and ototoxicity testing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Turner Scientific is located in Jacksonville, IL.


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