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Kaiku Health enters a strategic partnership to further improve patient outcomes through digital patient monitoring

HELSINKI – Kaiku Health, an Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) company and a leading digital therapeutics platform in cancer care, and Roche, a leading global healthcare company, are entering a strategic partnership in digital patient monitoring and management (DPMM). Kaiku Health and Roche aim to deploy digital tools to provide real-time symptom management by patients and Health Care Providers (HCPs), improve patient support, and provide personalized cancer care to cancer clinics and patients globally.

“Kaiku Health and Roche share a commitment to making personalized healthcare available to more patients through digital solutions. Together, we have already developed therapy and product-specific modules in cancer immunotherapy and other targeted therapies. Now we are excited to take our partnership further and to expand the reach of digital patient monitoring and management in terms of geography and across new therapies and cancer types for a growing number of patients,” says Lauri Sippola, CEO and Co-founder of Kaiku Health.
To provide more patients with access to digital patient monitoring and management, Kaiku Health and Roche share a long-term vision of developing and offering digital health solutions through a multi-partner ecosystem. This vision includes the pursuit of reimbursement of DPMM solutions. Pathways for reimbursement of digital health solutions are being established in an increasing number of countries, and we believe this will pave the road for accelerated adoption of such solutions.
The partnership also seeks to provide further clinical evidence on the impact of digital patient monitoring on clinical outcomes through evidence generation studies. The first trial will be initiated during 2022 and aims to evaluate the impact of digital patient monitoring and management on clinical outcomes and healthcare resource utilization in patients receiving systemic anti-cancer treatment.
“Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important for delivering quality care to patients. This partnership is a significant step toward delivering digital patient monitoring and management solutions that may help improve outcomes such as symptom burden and quality of life for individuals receiving systemic therapy for cancer,” James Sabry, M.D., Ph.D., global head of Pharma Partnering, Roche, states.

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Last Updated: 10-May-2022