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Vagarights to Investigate the Use of Natural Stimulants to Treat ADHD

Vagarights, the pharmacology, biohacking and nutraceutical research publication, is seeking to conduct a large-scale study on the use of natural stimulant compounds for the treatment of ADD/ADHD and related conditions. The organisation is looking for volunteers to take part in the study, which will compare the use of natural stimulants such as caffeine, methylliberine and theacrine ton the standard prescription drug therapies for ADHD (i.e. Adderall, Vyvanse, Strattera, etc.).

Brian Johnson, current Editor of Vagarights and the organisations main public liaison, said: "The appetite for this kind of research within the pharmaceutical industry is obviously minimal since it not only has little monetary reward, but in fact diminishes profits. However, we believe it is important work that we are more than capable of carrying out."

The researchers overseeing the study are under no illussions as to what they will find: "We are not expecting to find that caffeine is more effective than Adderall. What we are looking at are specific fringe cases of people with mild symptoms of ADHD and a poor response to traditional therapies. These are the edge cases that may benefit most from the use of natural sitmulants rather than prescription amphetamines."

For the trial, researchers are seeking healthy volunteers aged 18-40 who have mild cases of ADHD or with suspected but undiagnosed ADHD. Participants will need to attend labs in the New York area twice per month for 6 months, and they will be compensated for their time.

Vagarights to Investigate the Use of Natural Stimulants to Treat ADHD

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Last Updated: 12-May-2022