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This move is important to you. To support you to get that job, PharmiWeb.Jobs are delighted to announce they’ve partnered with CareerJay

12 May 2022 - PharmiWeb.Jobs and CareerJay have announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership, to support people seeking a new role; helping them with soft skills development, coaching and wellbeing

The agreement brings together high quality job vacancies in the pharma sector and a work-and-wellbeing ecosystem, to give people the rounded support they need throughout their careers, with an immediate way to hone and focus their job search tools and skills, via assessments, courses, CV writing, personal profiling & branding, and coaching - including coaching for interviews & package negotiation

PharmiWeb.Jobs is one of the leading job boards for pharma vacancies throughout Europe, Australia and the United States, with 2.5 million unique views per month, for a collection of over 5,000 jobs

CareerJay is a future of work platform, designed to help people be more agile and fulfilled at work; either in the job they have, or via new work. They offer a range of services in the professional and personal development areas, along with helping members to build mental wellbeing and resilience

Mike Wood said: ‘This is an amazing opportunity to show our job seekers how much we care about their futures

Customers of PharmiWeb.Jobs are sought after, often with many career options to choose from. It can be daunting and complex to decide which is the right next step and how to ensure the job you really want, wants you. Now we can offer people the opportunity to reimagine their future using the vast resources available through CareerJay to identify their perfect fit

We anticipate this will help our clients who hire through PharmiWeb.Jobs, to retain their people. Saving them time and money through the recruitment and onboarding process’

Julie Holmwood, CareerJay CEO said: ‘CareerJay are delighted to be working with one of the top job boards in the pharma sector. We see this as an exciting opportunity for all concerned’

Media Contact: Mike Wood

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Last Updated: 12-May-2022