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Beckley Psytech announces partnership with Empatica in latest step of digital strategy, designed to deliver personalised patient care

Beckley Psytech announces partnership with Empatica in latest step of digital strategy, designed to deliver personalised patient care


  • Partnership will capture behavioural and physiological signals and predictive biomarkers in Beckley Psytech’s upcoming Phase 2 clinical trials
  • New digital strategy aims to improve patient outcomes and safety by integrating advanced digital tools into the psychedelic treatment journey


Oxford, United Kingdom – 18 May 2022 - Beckley Psytech Limited, a private company dedicated to addressing neurological and psychiatric disorders through the novel application of psychedelic medicines, and Empatica, Inc., a medical wearables and digital biomarker company offering continuous, passive, and unobtrusive monitoring for patients with neurological conditions, today announced that the companies have entered into a partnership to support the collection and analysis of behavioural and physiological data in Beckley Psytech’s future clinical trials.


This partnership will utilise Empatica’s medical-grade EmbracePlus wearable and software, to identify and measure passive behavioural and physiological signals in the upcoming Phase 2 studies evaluating the use of 5-MeO-DMT in combination with psychotherapy in the treatment of treatment resistant depression (TRD).


The strategic partnership with Empatica is the latest step in Beckley Psytech’s digital strategy to develop personalised treatment programmes for patients in need. The digital enhancement of the psychedelic treatment pathway aims to support patients before, during, and after treatment through the application of novel, predictive biomarkers which will potentially identify early signals of patient response and relapse.


Beckley Psytech aims to establish a complete, end-to-end personalised psychedelic treatment programme, combining advanced digital phenotyping capabilities, such as those developed by Empatica, with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. This will allow clinicians to provide patients with continuous access to personalised therapy support beyond their treatment, delivering potentially improved outcomes and safety for patients and healthcare systems.


Cosmo Feilding Mellen, CEO of Beckley Psytech, said: “As we look to enhance the safety and effectiveness of our psychedelic treatments with patient-centric digital tools, this partnership with Empatica accelerates our strategy of creating an integrated treatment model to ensure patients are fully supported through the treatment journey. We are thrilled to be working with Empatica, a pioneering digital health company, through our upcoming clinical trials and look forward to further evolving our understanding of how digital tools can support and potentially improve outcomes for patients with neurological and psychiatric conditions.”


Matteo Lai, CEO of Empatica, commented: We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Beckley Psytech on this important project, especially since over the past two years, we have witnessed how critical mental health and depression have become globally. The potential of psychedelic treatments in the field can help millions of patients, and Empatica is honored to contribute its technology in one of the world’s first trials with psychedelics and digital tools, to advance these novel therapies with targeted help and better engagement.”

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Last Updated: 19-May-2022