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Saba Yussouf, INVISI CEO signs $16 million distribution deal with global distribution firm.

Saba Yussouf, INVISI CEO signs $16 million distribution deal with global distribution firm.

(Invisi Smart Technologies UK Limited (“INVISI”), the worlds pioneer in infection prevention, today announced that it has entered into an agreement worth $16million with an international facilities management company to distribute their antimicrobial surface coating, providing continuously active surface protection for 1 year.

With an increased demand for long-lasting cleaning solutions to enhance the future safety of our homes, offices, transport and entertainment spaces, INVISI has teamed up with a cleaning company to introduce the Invisi Smart Shield coating. Even after one year of abrasion, the coating disinfects and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and contaminants on any surface.

Saving clients on average 80% in annual cleaning costs, with one easy application per year, this disruptive technology restores confidence amongst its clients. The coating can be applied to any surface including textiles, electronics, high end furnishings, synthetic fibres and hard surfaces and has been proven to remain antimicrobial on these surfaces for one year.

The sustainable coating is approved for use in the UK and preliminary steps have been taken towards an EPA application in USA. The Technology is supported with robust research by prestigious foundations and institutions (The Wellcome Trust, University of Cambridge - Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology & Infectious Disease, King’s College London – The Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics, University of Manchester – Manchester Institute of Biotechnology).

Unlike other disinfectants, INVISI is composed of earth’s minerals, completely non-toxic, kind to the environment and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. The Invisi Smart Shield lowers the global carbon footprint by reducing the requirement for toxic cleaning products.

Invisi Smart Shield is available on

Saba Yussouf, CEO of INVISI said: “Introducing this game changing technology to the masses will provide gold standard protection to the global population. As a leader in disruptive technologies that remediates environmental threats, we present a strategy to homes and businesses via our prestigious distribution partner.”

About Invisi Smart Technologies UK LTD:

Invisi Smart Technologies UK LTD is a British biotechnology company, dedicated to defending our communities in a cost effective way. A company that strives to increase the health equity of our population by deploying sustainably sourced solutions. Female and minority race owned, we are proud to be inclusive.

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Last Updated: 20-May-2022