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Elemental Machines highlights first software to organize laboratory equipment usage

A pioneer of the LabOps intelligence platform, the company offers new scheduling tool as lab teams meet at SLAS Europe   Dublin—May 24, 2022—Elemental Machines, pioneer of the LabOps intelligence platform, is demonstrating the first lab equipment scheduling software tool, called Elemental Calendar, at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Europe 2022 Conference and Exhibition held through Friday at the Royal Dublin Society.    SLAS Europe 2022 is the first in-person meeting of the scientific and clinical laboratory community in Europe in two years, a period when the demands on investigators and their lab equipment surged because of COVID-19 testing needs. As teams return to their labs in full, managers will use Elemental Calendar to organize the use of critical equipment. For example, they will be able to schedule maintenance downtime in advance, sharing blocked time with their entire teams at once.   Elemental Calendar includes a function to view all available equipment in a specific area, allowing for easier coordination between teams in different locations. Local managers can invite an unlimited number of coworkers to collaborate around specific equipment and track each reservation to a specific protocol including all the equipment details needed to repeat tests anywhere. Managers can also assign primary investigators to each reservation, making it easier to report results.      “Once your equipment is online in Elemental Calendar, you’re one step closer to the Internet of Things (IoT) by automating information flow in your lab,” said Elemental Machines’ Elizabeth McGarry. Last March Elemental Machines announced it expanded its support to labs in France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, and Ireland with new team members Constantin Fahom and Christopher Austin, who will be onsite in Dublin during SLAS. Please visit for more information.     About Elemental Machines Elemental Machines is the trusted LabOps intelligence platform used by researchers and clinicians around the world for alerting and monitoring technology. The Cambridge-based company equips labs with universal cloud-based dashboards and turnkey sensors that unite data from every asset, every metric, and every location, enabling universal collection, seamless sharing, and turnkey reporting.    


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Last Updated: 24-May-2022