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Creative Peptides Unveils Product Portfolio of Standard Fmoc/Boc-PNA Monomers

New York, United States—June 23, 2022—Creative Peptides has been involved in synthesizing peptide nucleic acid (PNA) for years and gained tremendous experience in PNA synthesis, modification, and purification. Creative Peptides’ product portfolio consists of standard Fmoc-PNA monomers and Boc-PNA monomers that can be ordered in large quantities with high purity, solubility, and reactivity, as well as other backbones- and base-modified PNA products.


Peptide nucleic acid, a DNA analog, was advanced with strong binding affinity, high hybridization stability, specificity, and sensitivity. These advantageous characteristics make PNAs valuable compounds as antisense and antigen agents, among other applications. Further applications for PNAs are actively researched in academia, and commercial products using PNAs under close investigation. Creative Peptides can offer a variety of PNA monomers and helpful technical support that allows global partners to speed up development processes in the life science sectors, as well as other industrial applications that require PNA molecules as intermediates for further development.


PNA monomers at Creative Peptides are prepared by Fmoc and Boc solutions. Fmoc strategy can enhance high-quality synthetic products while avoiding the use of highly corrosive chemicals. While Boc chemistry technology does not bring about side reactions, thereby improving the overall yield. In addition, the company also possesses in-depth expertise and experience in manufacturing modified PNA monomers using different strategies at various positions (N-terminal, C-terminal, α-position, γ-position, adjusting backbone length, simultaneous modification of bases and backbones, etc.).


“With our productive PNA synthesis protocols, we develop suitable Fmoc/Boc-protected PNA monomers with advantageous solubility properties at a large scale. And these also facilitate the following purification due to the traceless nature of Boc protecting groups.” Said a senior scientist at Creative Peptides, “To meet rapidly changing market needs of PNA monomers, our efforts for innovation will continue.”


As a well-versed PNA manufacturer, other PNA products such as PNA FISH probes, PNA inhibitors, and PNA reagents are available to ship at Creative Peptides. Custom synthesis of specific PNA molecules for special needs is welcome as well!


About Creative Peptides

With decades of experience, Creative Peptides continues to be a top leader in peptide nucleic acid research throughout the United States. Creative Peptides offers a full range of high-quality products and comprehensive services ranging from PNA design, PNA-based biochemical services, custom synthesis, and chemical modification, to drug development services.

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Last Updated: 23-Jun-2022