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Aldehyde-functionalized Pheromone for Pest Management and Insect Trace Tracking

Studies on pheromones are now gaining increasing popularity among scientists. On June 8, 2022, the US-based chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry announced that the company commenced offering aldehyde-functionalized pheromones for researchers worldwide. It should be noted that alcohol-functionalized pheromones, another type of pheromones released earlier this year, have been well-received and well-recognized among its customers after entering the market. Therefore, Alfa Chemistry decided to accelerate efforts toward a more diversified offering of specialty chemicals.

Insect pheromone refers to compounds secreted by insects and serves as the chemical language for insect communication. Moreover, insect pheromones are essential tools to monitor and manage pests of agricultural crops.

“Up till now, thousands of synthetic pheromones have been commercialized and found use in insect trapping, insect forecasting, and pesticide research and development,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Aldehyde-functionalized pheromones are widely used in the development of biological pesticides, trapping and fascination of pests, tracking of insect traces, etc.”

The aldehyde-functionalized pheromones provided by Alfa Chemistry including but not limited to: oxazole-4-carbaldehyde (CAS 118994-84-6), trans-cinnamaldehyde (CAS 14371-10-9), 2-fluoro-4-nitrobenzaldehyde (CAS 157701-72-9), indole-2-carboxaldehyde (CAS 19005-93-7), 3,3-dimethyl cyclohexylidene acetaldehyde (CAS 26532-24-1), acetaldehyde,2-(3,3-dimethylcyclohexylidene)-, (2E) (CAS 26532-25-2), 4-formyltetrahydropyran (CAS 50675-18-8), 6-formaldehydecoumarin (CAS 51690-26-7), 4-(heptyloxy)butanal (CAS 65885-35-0), 2-hydroxy-4-methylbenzaldehyde (CAS 698-27-1), 2-chloro-6-methylquinoline-3-carbaldehyde (CAS 73568-27-1), 4-hydroxy-3-(trideuteriomethoxy)benzaldehyde (CAS 74495-74-2), 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-4-thiazolecarbaldehyde (CAS 83053-39-8), 4-bromo-2-pyrrolecarboxaldehyde (CAS 931-33-9), 2-(methylsulfonamido)benzaldehyde (CAS 94532-99-7), and more.

To learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s various offerings of aldehyde-functionalized pheromones and other insect pheromones, please visit or email us for suggestions in case of any questions.

About Insect Pheromone Applications

Insect pheromone can help foresee the occurrence period and amount of pests, which is more sensitive, labor-saving, and money-saving than the Blacklight Trap method. When used in combination with other chemical sterilization agents, viruses, and bacteria, pheromones can achieve better pesticide management effects. Nevertheless, parapheromone can be used to regulate the activity of natural pheromone through artificial design and synthesis.

About Alfa Chemistry

Over the past ten years, Alfa Chemistry has been recognized as a reliable source of varieties of chemicals. To extend this honor in the years to come, the company spares no effort to constantly upgrade and optimize its product lines. Recently, it started to provide a comprehensive range of insect pheromone products for integrated pest management. In addition, Alfa Chemistry also offers tailored solutions for crop protection, plant protection, pest control, gardening, agriculture, forestry, and home garden protection. 

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Last Updated: 27-Jun-2022