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CD Formulation Enables Customized Synthesis Service for Osmotic Pressure Regulators

Normal cell function requires the maintenance of osmotic pressure. Therefore, in drug manufacturing, osmotic pressure regulators should be added to the formulation to avoid tissue damage. The US-based CRO company CD Formulation recently announced its ability to synthesize osmotic pressure regulators to suit the needs of different drug projects. These osmotic pressure regulators will help parenteral preparations to keep isotonic with human plasma.

With advanced production equipment and rich management experience, CD Formulation has become the first choice for pharmaceutical companies to synthesize osmotic pressure regulators with different specifications and quality requirements as well as produce corresponding products according to customer needs.

“Biological systems constantly interact and exchange water and nutrients with the environment. Without a mechanism to regulate osmotic pressure, toxic waste and water will be accumulated and ultimately cause dire consequences,” said Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “Osmotic pressure regulators are of vital importance to the osmotic drug delivery system to achieve controlled release of drugs. We are confident that our tailored synthesis service for osmotic pressure regulators will help bring about the best effects.”  

The most commonly used osmotic pressure regulators are glucose, sodium chloride, phosphate or citrate, etc.

For pharmaceutical companies, a few parameters should be taken into consideration when they are designing dosages for modification in release of various drugs. The expert team of CD Formulation has abundant knowledge regarding the basics of osmotic drug delivery system, including types with special focus on controlled porosity osmotic pump, mechanism of osmosis, ideal drug candidate, formulation techniques, various osmotic agents, pore formers, coating materials as well as marketed preparation.

Please visit to learn more about CD Formulation’s capabilities in synthesizing osmotic pressure regulators.

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Last Updated: 27-Jun-2022