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Paradigm4 launches Precision Cell Atlas

29 June 2022: Paradigm4 has launched the Precision Cell AtlasTM as an integral component of its REVEALTM: SingleCell app. The Precision Cell Atlas enables scientists to create a custom cell atlas by selectively combining an unlimited number of samples from multiple datasets for specific research objectives and explicitly saving them for collaboration, reuse, and regulatory filings. 

REVEAL: SingleCell, together with the Precision Cell Atlas capability, includes industry standard statistical tools to assess the sample-to-sample variation in gene vectors while retaining the provenance from the original project metadata for each sample. Metadata is tracked in the immutable log files recorded with REVEAL: SingleCell. 

With its initial launch in 2020, REVEAL: SingleCell was developed to offer biopharmaceutical computational biologists the ability to break through the data wrangling and programming challenges associated with the analysis of large-scale, single-cell datasets. The app enables users to navigate multimodal disease biology, scale to handle more samples from patients with more cells, more features, and diverse data types. Users can readily assess key biological hypotheses for target evaluation, disease progression, and precision medicine applications. 

Paradigm4’s REVEAL suite of use case-specific applications were built to transform scalable translational understanding from whole body to organelle. Other apps developed by Paradigm4 include REVEALTM: Proteomics and REVEALTM: Biobank.  The apps are powered by Paradigm4’s unique technology stack, designed for scalable and interactive exploration, analytics, and machine learning on heterogeneous and highly dimensional scientific data sets.    

Zachary Pitluk, Ph.D., VP of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Paradigm4, commented: “Since its launch, REVEAL: SingleCell has been embraced by the single cell analysis community, with as many as 80 million cells in play in some installations. Current customer installations are supporting thousands of queries per day with the present implementation. Importantly, the addition of the Precision Cell Atlas functionality should increase the supportable queries and drive projects forward at a much faster rate than is currently available.” 

Paradigm4 will be attending the 2022 Human Cell Atlas General Meeting, in Vienna, Austria. The annual meeting is taking place during from 27th – 29th June and Paradigm4 experts will be joining industry colleagues to discuss updates and research on new initiatives as they look towards the release of a first draft of the atlas. Paradigm4 will be on hand to answer questions about the recent advancements in REVEAL: SingleCell. 

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About Paradigm4 

Paradigm4 transforms scalable translational understanding from whole body to organelle with its REVEAL Integrative Analytics Platform. REVEAL’s novel scientific data store integrated with its optimal elastic computing engine for exploration, analytics, and machine-learning delivers the trifecta of ease-of-use, unmatched performance, and exceptional cloud economics. REVEAL streamlines interactive, collaborative, and reproducible science, propelling drug development and precision medicine at global pharma and biotechs.  

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Paradigm4 launches Precision Cell Atlas

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