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Profacgen Updated Its E3 Ligase and Target Proteins Development Services

Profacgen has recently updated its E3 Ligase and Target Proteins Development Services, expanding the company’s portfolio of PROTAC development services. The updated services provide scientists with comprehensive advanced platform for their projects.


The ubiquitin proteasome system relies heavily on E3 ligases (UPS). As a major modulator of protein homeostasis, UPS is essential in signal transduction, mitophagy, DNA damage repair, inflammatory pathways, endocytosis, and cell cycle progression. More than 600 E3 ligases have been identified, only a few of which have been used in PROTAC design. Anti-cancer PROTAC was developed primarily using ligands for CRBN, VHL, MDM2, IAPS, dCAF15, dCAF16, RNF4, and RNF114 E3 ligases.


The majority of PROTACs were created with ligands that recruit E3 ligases, which are widely expressed in tumors and normal tissues, and these PROTACs can cause off-target toxicity if the target protein is not tumor-specific. The development of tumor-specific/selective PROTACs will benefit from identifying those E3 ligases that are enriched in tumors but very low in normal tissues.


Profacgen provides E3 ligase development, including single-subunit E3 ligases, multi-subunit E3 ligase complexes, tissue-specific E3 ligases, and other target protein development services, as an experienced service provider in biological research and drug discovery.


Custom protein ubiquitination services

Profacgen offers ubiquitin identification and quantification services for protein in cells or tissues.


E3 ligase or target proteins expression and purification services

Profacgen provides a comprehensive protein expression service for the production of E3 ligases or target proteins from a variety of host systems for research, functional tests, target validation, and antibody creation.


Novel E3 discovery

With its phage screening platform and small molecule library, Profacgen can provide a novel E3 ligases discovery service and used in PROTAC design.


Protein engineering


“By updating our products and services regularly, our hope is that we may help shorten the research process for researchers. With this goal keep in mind, we will continue to enhance our PROTAC technologies.” Commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.


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Last Updated: 05-Jul-2022