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Creative Proteomics Cytokine Boosts Your Research and Discovery with Mouse Cytokine Assay

The Cytokine division belongs to Creative Proteomics, which specializes in providing cytokine research and analysis services for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as academic institutes and government agencies. Creative Proteomics Cytokine recently launched the Mouse Cytokine Assay with high sensitivity to support research in immune responses, inflammatory diseases, allergies, sepsis, and cancer.


Cytokines play an important role in physiological and pathological processes such as immune cell differentiation and subset development, immune regulation, inflammatory response, and tumor metastasis. It can also mediate intercellular interactions and participate in tissue repair. Cytokine assays can determine the immune function of the body and are important for diagnosis, disease course observation, efficacy determination, and treatment monitoring.


The overall structure of the mouse immune system is comparable to that of humans and consists of both innate and adaptive components. Mouse models have greatly contributed to our understanding of various diseases in biology. For example, in cancer, it is possible to validate cancer genes, discover tumor biomarkers, and evaluate investigational therapies for exploration using mouse models. As in humans, mouse immune cells are driven by a complex network of cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors for disease regulation.


“Creative Proteomics has multiple cytokine detection platforms such as Luminex xMAP, flow cytometry, and ELISA. We will choose the most proper technology combination according to your project, meet your various needs, and help researchers obtain higher-quality scientific research data,” stated Creative Proteomics’s senior scientist.


“To identify specific cytokines involved in any inflammatory or immune response, we often need to screen for cytokines, which requires automation and high throughput strategies. Creative Proteomics offers high-throughput mouse cytokine assays to facilitate studies of immune responses, inflammatory diseases, allergies, sepsis, and cancer. Based on the Luminex assay technology, we can measure multiple proteins simultaneously,” stated Creative Proteomics’s senior scientist.


Creative Proteomics provides Luminex multiplex assay platform to help you accelerate the progress of the project, suitable for basic and clinical medical research. Luminex multiplex detection is driven by xMAP technology, which can simultaneously detect and quantify more than 500 protein molecules, including cytokines, hormones, autoantibodies, tumor markers, etc. Scientists there will choose the most suitable technology combination according to your project, meet your various needs, and help you obtain higher-quality scientific research data.


About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics is an innovative contract research organization that focuses on using advanced equipment platforms and optimized detection technology to support researchers around the world efficiently and cost-effectively. The company has a proprietary laboratory information management system to strengthen laboratory quality monitoring and quality management to ensure the efficiency and security of customer data.



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Last Updated: 04-Jul-2022