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CD BioSciences Introduces Structural Characterization Services to Advance Kinase/Phosphatase Biology Research

CD BioSciences, a leading US-based service supplier focused on kinase/phosphatase biology, now introduces a series of structure characterization services for kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development. CD BioSciences recruits a scientific team specializing in structural biology and bioinformatics, and offers state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, thus helping customers overcome challenges and bottlenecks in structural characterization.

In prokaryotes and eukaryotes, post-translational modifications of proteins through reversible phosphorylation with kinases and phosphatases regulate key signaling pathways in cells. Meanwhile, the addition or removal of phosphate groups may lead to changes in protein activity, subcellular localization, or interactions, emphasizing the critical relationship between substrates and kinases/phosphatases in cellular homeostasis. The flow of information in cells can be directed by reversible protein phosphorylation, and kinase/phosphatase signaling pathways appear to be staggeringly complex, as many molecular details are still poorly understood.

It is important to understand the complexities of phosphorylation. For example, aberrant phosphorylation has been shown to cause or contribute to a variety of human diseases, making kinases and phosphatases promising therapeutic targets. Structural characterization of the kinase/phosphatase family has contributed significantly to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate their activities. Meanwhile, the crystal structures of several kinases and phosphatases have been determined, providing additional insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of cell signaling and regulation, and facilitating innovation in drug development.

CD BioSciences has an experienced team of scientists capable of providing different primary and advanced structural characterization strategies for various types of samples based on its advanced technology platform. And now it provides comprehensive structure characterization services for kinase/phosphatase biology research and drug development, including crystallization and structure determination services, structural prediction and analysis services, as well as structure validation services.

Customer are now offered access to reliable structure characterization services for research and drug development, like the structure validation services. CD BioSciences provides comprehensive service options for structure validation to support customers' cutting-edge research and accelerate their journey to success. These services can help validate structures in databases or structural data provided by customers, from crystallization to structure validation, to save scientists' investigation time and cost.

CD BioSciences has extensive knowledge and years of experience in kinase/phosphatase biology, structural biology, bioinformatics, and drug development. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, CD BioSciences is able to provide trusted and comprehensive structural characterization services to meet customer requirements, guaranteeing that any data or details customers provide will be kept strictly confidential.

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CD BioSciences is a leading customer-focused biotechnology company committed to providing high-quality products, comprehensive services and tailored solutions to support and advance life sciences and drug discovery. With years of experience, CD BioSciences has established a strong scientific research team and a fully integrated kinase/phosphatase biology platform, providing one-stop service and customized solutions to fully meet the specific needs of customers.

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Last Updated: 04-Jul-2022